Brand New Instagram Growth Service

Hey everyone!

We hope this email finds you well as we have some exciting news for you:

After trials and tests since September 2019 and our soft launch back in January, we are finally ready to announce GOSO’s HyperGrowth service is ready. And there’s something about this particular service that is unlike any company that offers social media growth services, and we’re the first to have figured it out…


As you know, most automated services are down right now due to Instagram’s increasingly harsh algorithm updates. Any automated growth, violate Instagram’s Terms & Conditions therefore significantly increasing your chances of getting blocked. HyperGrowth doesn’t violate any laws because the work we do is manual and completely customized to each client. Based on the follow/unfollow technique, we handpick every single one of the sources we use to make you grow. Before purchasing the package for only 299.99€ per month, contact us first in order to establish the best growth strategy for your specific account. You can check out the details on how we do it on our website.

We already have 100 new clients from our January release and we’re now ready to take on more! As the service is done manually, we have limited spaces for now so we will be letting you know when we open again in the future. We like quality over quantity. 

Until then, take advantage of this huge opportunity to grow unlike ever before.

For more information visit:

Brand New GOSO LinkedIn Growth Services

Hey everyone, 

We hope this email finds you well and healthy. 

As we have mentioned in our previous email, our new GOSO LinkedIn Growth service is up and running and now we are releasing it to the public after months of internal tests and we are extremely pleased with the results. We are especially thrilled to introduce it now, during the current circumstances because we know there are so many people who are losing their jobs and/or businesses. We intend for this service to help as many people as possible to get back on their feet. 

As we have let you know before, this is the best time to be on social media, and LinkedIn is a really important platform for the business world. Make yourself known to employers and/or people looking for work! Take advantage of this service to gain important professional & business connections in your targeted market, niche, or profession. Leading can progress into job opportunities, sales leads, expand professional career, increase revenue. 

This service is very personal. After purchasing a package, contact us through our support ticketing system to let us know in more detail of exactly who you would like to target (we will discuss this more with you when setting up your package).

To see more about LinkedIn Growth visit:

We are releasing only two packages for now. The starter pack connects with level 1 people (like CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, etc) and follows people of your choice, which will in turn lead to more connections. The advanced package does everything the starter pack does and also includes profile views. When you view someone else’s account, they are notified. This will inspire even more organic connections.

The more detailed information you provide us, the more specific our service will be when finding people to connect with. No one is unreachable with GOSO. 

We are offering a 50% discount for students. You can see the available packages on our website and also check out this video we made to better understand LinkedIn Growth.  

Wishing you all the best, 

Managing Director

"The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development." - Robin Sharma

Save up to 40% OFF any Instagram Addon Services + New LinkedIn Growth

Its Easter Weekend and we have some amazing deals for new and existing customers. You can now save up to 40% recurring discount on any Instagram addon services (HyperPriming, PowerViews & PowerSaves) with any active Instagram PowerLikes subscription. The deal will only available until Friday 17th April, so act fast. Also, we are going to be releasing a brand new service for LinkedIn growth. 

- How to claim the Easter Weekend deal for New & Existing customers

Simply send a support ticket and we will explain more about the deal. If you are unsure of what services to purchase for your account. We will assist you that you purchase the right package for the size of your Instagram account. Remember if you are an existing customer the deal will work with any active Powerlikes services purchased from September 2019 (The latest updated system). 

- New LinkedIn Growth

We are opening up the new GOSO LinkedIn Growth service for the first 100 customers who contact us via support. If you want to gain important professional & business connections in your targeted market niche or profession, then this service is for you. We have tested this new service for months internally and gained a lot of new customers. With this new growth service, you can gain more leads for your business. Please contact support to be added to the waiting list and we will offer a discount for students. 

We hope you have a nice and relaxed weekend.


Free Instagram & Social Media Marketing Tips Webinar

Hey everyone,

We’d like to inform you that we will be holding another webinar today at 5PM CET (Barcelona time). The topic today will be “Marketing Strategies & Ideas on a Limited Budget.” Which will include Instagram and Social Media Marketing tips by our managing director.

If you have no money to spend on marketing and want to learn the best ways to get your brand out in the world for free, then join us at

We hope it can help you during these difficult economical times!

Kind regards,

Managing Director

"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."
-- Michael John Bobak

GOSO Offers Free Seminars, Free Training & New Offers during the lockdown

Hey everyone,

We hope you’re all doing well despite the lockdown! It’s a frustrating time for everyone, but we have a couple of new, positive announcements for today that should cheer you up!

1. As stated in the last newsletter, we have released 2 new videos which you can access by clicking on the links below. If you have any topics, issues, or concerns which you would like us to address, please let us know! We’re glad to help however we can.

- How To Help Others on Instagram During the Coronavirus Lockdown

- How To Make Sure You Have Enough Quality Content For Instagram During Coronavirus Lockdown

2. Tomorrow we are beginning our webinars! These webinars are completely FREE and released weekly. The first topic that we’ll cover is “Taking Your Business Online for Now and the Future.” If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so at

3. As a GOSO customer, you may be aware of our affiliates program. Well our affiliate sales have increased by 6% in the past 2 weeks, so we offer a 25% commission per sale. GOSO now has over 200 affiliates. Message us via customer support to learn how to become an affiliate and earn up to $5,000 a month!

4. NEW OFFER: Get 50% off PowerSaves and/or HyperPriming when purchasing a PowerLikes or PowerViews package.
Here’s how: Before purchasing anything, send a support ticket directed to Cesar, our head of sales, and he will recommend the correct package for you along with the 50% discount code.

For every 1 package you buy (PowerLikes or PowerViews) you get 2 50%-off coupon of PowerSaves and HyperPriming. You may use one or both as you wish. The discounted packages must be on the same level as the PowerLikes/PowerViews packages i.e. Lite for Lite, Elite for Elite. Offer expires on March 31st

This applies to new purchases only. It will not work if you cancel your subscription and repurchase the same package.

We hope that our videos and webinars helpful to you all. At we have a team mentality and we care about our employees and our customers. We are all in this together and the more we help each other out, the sooner everything goes back to normal. Hang in there!

In solidarity,

Managing Director

“Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander The Great

COVID-19 Pandemic Business Continuity Impact & Assistance

Dear valued GOSO client,

I hope this email finds you well during these unprecedented circumstances and that you and your loved ones are safe.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first time in the history of social media that we see so many people collectively rely on Instagram to get through difficult times. We have never been more united on the globe as we are now. This abundance of worldwide, virtual support we’re seeing is truly heartwarming and therefore we believe it is the best time to be investing in your accounts.

If your business is suffering due to the lockdown, then getting active on Instagram is crucial for increased brand awareness, improved SEO, better brand loyalty, and gain marketplace insights. Take this time to connect directly with your customers.

We are very thankful that our company allows us to work from home and that business for GOSO is running as usual. We would like to make the most of this experience by giving back to our community and do what we can to help our clients & non-clients. We’ve got 3 new things we think will be beneficial to you and/or your business.

Firstly, we’ve started producing more Instagram-related videos with advice on how to better your social media presence when you have less to work with. You can find these on If you want to see videos on any certain topic, please let us know and we’ll more than happy to produce them.

Furthermore, we will be doing webinars for media channels, covering any marketing topic. Anyone is welcome to join in and ask me (Chris) as many questions as you’d like! Here is the list we have so far:

1. Taking your business online for now and the future.
2. Easy Free ways to market your company or yourself.
3. Marketing strategies and ideas on a very limited budget.
4.How to make the most of the Corona lockdown for your business.
5. Why it's essential to be on Social media right now.
6. Think positive about the Corona lockdown.
7. How to come out of the Corona lockdown on the up.
8. Ideas to implement into your business right now.
9. How to help yourself and others during the Corona lockdown.
10. Dos and don'ts for now and in the future and business.
11. How to grow local business over the next weeks.
12. How should you treat your staff during these worrying times.
13. How to close business when everyone is making cuts.

If there are any other matters you’d like us to discuss, please send us a support ticket letting us know!

Finally, we would like to offer our clients spending over 200€ a 20 minute phone call with Cesar, our head of sales. Cesar has been with us since the beginning, he’s one of the GOSO pioneers. He knows the company inside & out and would know best how to put together a strategy for your business. He is more than happy to set up a call with you to address any business-related dilemma you may have, and help you find the best way to approach the situation. All you have to do is send a support ticket aimed at Cesar and he will set up an appointment with you.

We hope this helps, if we can be of any other assistance to you please inform us!
From myself and the GOSO team, we wish you all the best.

Chris Rowan

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” - Winston Churchill

GOSO Free Services & Discounts

GOSO is giving away services worth over €15,000 & 600 recurring discount coupons

We are celebrating that we have over 15,000 customers since our launch 2 years ago. It has been an uphill struggle and now we are the biggest Instagram Growth Company in the world.

We would like to give back to you
Over €15,000 worth of free services will be given away for every visitor of GOSO for a limited time. The prizes are HyperPriming 250, HyperPriming 500, PowerViews 500, PowerViews 1000, PowerSaves 100 & TikTok Growth Advanced.

If you don’t win a prize, don’t worry we are giving away 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% & 30% money off coupons for your next purchase. What’s amazing about these coupons, is that they are recurring discounts. So you will have money off for the life of the subscription.

You can’t lose and how to participate?
Visit the Website and visit different pages on the website and the prize wheel will reveal itself to you. It will only be up for a very limited time, so if you see the wheel popup… participate fast. Every spin is a win!

How to claim your prize?
The prize coupon will be emailed to your mailbox and remember to check your spam filter.

- Only one spin per customer
- The winning prizes will be sent to your email address, please check your spam filter if you have not received it in 30 minutes.
- The winning coupon will expire in 30 days
- 1 prize coupon per customer

Thank You for being a loyal customer and best of luck.

HyperGrowth For Instagram soft launch

We are happy to announce that we are ready to start releasing the brand new HyperGrowth for Instagram. However, we are only releasing to people on the waiting list and will not be made public. As the demand is extremely high, we have to release it in bite-sized chunks.

We are ready for the next round of customers to get on HyperGrowth.

PowerGrowth vs HyperGrowth

Our old PowerGrowth service was used to follow & unfollow people in your niche. Whilst it worked great, a big Instagram update wiped out all automated services. The way that Instagram detected automatic behavior was through proxies. Which was an extremely hard task as we tried residential, 4g and even brand new phones as proxies. All of this failed as Instagram easily detected the proxies. We wasted a lot of time and money, but we carried on researching how to overcome this huge hurdle. We were going around in circles as Instagram can detect automated behavior.

For a while, we used our staff to follow, unfollow & DM manually. We started to see growth in our accounts and started to fine-tune how to make life easier for our staff. After a few months, we figured it all out. We didn’t need a robot to automate, we needed more staff (not robots) to manually follow & unfollow with actions to speed up the process. This is the service we are now releasing to you. Real humans managing your Instagram account to grow your followers. We decided to release this to you now after months of internal testing. Our internal results are outstanding and we want to give you the chance to use this brand new service.

PLEASE READ! Before you get started with HyperGrowth

- The cost of the service is €299.99 (+ Tax in the EU only) per month. When we roll this service out to the public later this year, the same exact package will be priced at €399.99 per month. Don’t worry, you will be price fixed at €299.99 per month as a thank you for using our pre-released service.

- We will give a discount for agencies or resellers who purchase 10 or more HyperGrowth services.

- Real humans will be managing your account in a controlled environment. Signed with a user agreement. Your account is safe and will not be shared with anyone else.

- If you change your password or have 2FA on your account, we cannot do our job to grow your followers. If you have no choice to change your password, let us know asap and we will update it at our end. But you may lose a day or 2 of service.

- HyperGrowth will be activated on a new Android or iPhone cellphone with the official Instagram application. No hacks, no scripts, and no robot/automation will be used.
If you are expecting to make 100’s of new followers a day, this service isn’t for you. Whilst it’s could be possible, it fully depends on the quality of your account and your posts or stories. This isn’t a magic wand service, you have to produce good content to attract people to follow you back.

- As its 100% managed by a real human, we can only accept a small number of users per week. It isn’t an automated service and could take 1 to 3 days to activate. We aim to be activated within 24 hours and this is why we are limited to a small number of activations per week. To avoid disruptions getting you on the service.

- DM’s will be sent internally via Instagram messenger with the list of accounts to follow & unfollow. We will not be DMing to promote anything or replying to your private DM’s. This is the safest way for us to grow your account.

So you want HyperGrowth! What to do next?

- Send a support ticket as soon as possible on the website. Depending on who sends first will be on the waiting list.

- Visit > Login > Support > Send Ticket

- On the secure ticket we need your username, password and a list of accounts on Instagram that are in the same niche as you. The more niche accounts you supply the better the results you will receive. We will need a minimum of 10 Instagram accounts in your niche with 5000 followers ore more. Please research the accounts in detail as we will be targeting the followers from their accounts to yours. If you supply a low number of accounts with not researching correctly, we cannot grow your account.

Here is how a good support ticket will look, the example is below:

Username: AmazingFashion
Password: AbC!23$ (you can provide the password later after you purchase)


We will NOT use your account or share your information with anyone. It will be stored on our secure server until we process your order. Support tickets are encrypted automatically for data protection.

- We can only accept a small number of orders a week, we will get in contact with you with a payment link. Once you pay, we will start the preparations for the HyperGrowth service. As we have your details, it will speed up the activation.

- We process the orders on who sends us a support ticket first. We have over 500 people who want the service, so there may be a delay in receiving the payment link if you are late to respond with your details. We won’t ask for payments unless we are starting the service. So don’t worry, you will not be paying to wait for weeks. Once you pay, you will be on the service.

Thanks again for being part of our pre-release service, and we cannot wait to show you the results from the HyperGrowth service.

Instagram Algorithm Update for February 2020 Revealed

Its been a great month for Instagram and they released a new update just under 2 weeks ago. Whilst we gathered all the data, we can tell you what’s changed regarding the explore and home page.

Watch the video below

We hope you have a great weekend and we cannot wait to release new services in February.

New Instagram Stories Service & Algorithm Update

- New Instagram Stories Service
We have been hard at work building new Instagram Stories services for 3 months. Instagram stories are the future of Instagram to get rapid growth. After testing we are happy to announce that we will be releasing GOSO Story services very soon. However, we will be inviting customers to purchase new story services in limited batches. If you want to be on the list please add your details below.

You will receive an email when it’s ready to buy and we will be slowly releasing it to the public over time. Unfortunately, whenever we release a new server, it gets bottlenecked due to the volume of customers using the service. To ensure a smooth launch, it will be only available to a small chunk of users at a time.

- GOSO Instagram Growth
We have had some really good news regarding Instagram growth in 2020. Testing has been a big success and we will be launching the service to customers in batches soon. Add your details to the link below and we will email you when you can purchase.

- TikTok Growth Update
Our latest service for TikTok has been a huge success. We have 100’s of customers growing their accounts with our GOSO TikTok Growth service. We will be removing the 50% discount soon, so if you want a recurring discount for TikTok! Get it now.

- Last Weeks Algorithm Update
We have been hard at work looking into the data regarding last week’s update. We have improved the speed of the delivery of services compared to last week. However we noticed if we did too many actions too fast, it triggered an alert with Instagram with our internal testing Instagram accounts. We are looking around for ways to improve the speed of the services, but we like to stress that your posts will still go viral and will still have a big chance of hitting the explore page. It’s no longer about speed like in 2017. It’s about not getting detected by the algorithm and boosting your posts to receive more natural views on your posts. We will keep you updated regarding if the speed if it improves. But we are working day and night to improve the services.

We hope you had a great January and we cannot wait to release the new services in Q1.

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