Instagram status - Be careful

What a week! lots of coffee & lots of fixes... however the weeks not over yet.

First of all I would I would like to show my appreciation during this hectic week. Not only are we fixing and tweaking daily, everyone in the industry has been hit. To a point that they have lost all of their customers. Right now we are one of the few that is taking everyday seriously and our number 1 goal is security.

On a serious note, we have had a lot of tickets from users who have been banned or blocked from following/liking on Instagram. If you have received the Instagram popup 'We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows', You need to stop automating your account with Telegram bots, Fuelgram, Jarvee or others. You are on Instagrams radar as they know you are using these services. Stop using them until they have fixed the issues, change your password and log out of all devices. We are hearing a lot of Instagrammers who have lost their Instagram accounts because of this. Any service that requires your password outside of GOSO will result in a chance of you getting banned. This is why GOSO powerlikes are 100% safe and we will never require your password to like spam, no one else is doing what we do.

Due to a surge in demand and lots of new signups. Our servers are struggling with the requests. This week we are moving to a enterprise class server hopefully this week and we will launch the GOSO order engine & control panel. This will increase likes and create stability.

All other services apart from powerlikes are running as usual. We are constantly improving the likes services daily. Its literally cat and mouse with Instagram right now.

You can start posting as usual, just keep in mind for Instagram peak times. This was an issue before the update and nothing has changed. Peak times are always slower for delivery.

Keep safe and remember to be smart with your Instagram account.

Instagram Stability Update & Bonus Likes disabled

Our emergency update yesterday has been running for 24 hours. We can safely say that the Powerlikes services has been improved. Just be aware that on peak times, the likes will arrive slower (as its always been). All other services are working as normal.

We still need to evaluate everything and we ensure that everything will be improved over the course of the week. So what is happening next? The new system we have been working on for over 6 months will be switched on by the end of the week. It will be rolled out over the week and when its in full swing, everything will be more than stable overall.

Due to the rise in services needed to run powerlikes, we have no choice to stop the free bonus likes on all services. However don't worry, we will be price fixing your current active subscription and you will NOT be charged extra for the life of your active subscription. The price increase will appear soon for new subscriptions, the price will increase by quite a lot. So overall you will be saving and existing customers will be receiving a free upgrade at no extra cost.

Why are we removing the bonus likes? Originally we added the bonus likes as a freebie for bigger services. The quality of the accounts were low quality as it was a free extra service. Due to the stress of the server, price of the 4g proxies and stability, we cannot process the free bonus like service. If we connected the free likes with the 4g proxies, we would have to invest a lot more into it. We want to concentrate on the quality of the likes and services overall. So this is why we have dropped the bonus likes. If you are upset about the free bonus powerlikes, we are sorry but it isn't financial viable. Please remember, we will be increasing the prices soon and you will not be charged extra. This is our way of saying sorry and to compensate you.

We will keep you updated on any further developments and I want to say thank you for being patient. We will not sleep until everything is stable.

The GOSO team

Latest Update from GOSO & the new update

We have some great news but we still need to be cautious. If your post is important, please do NOT post. On Friday Instagram launched 2 updates back-to-back that aimed to kill off companies like GOSO. For 48 hours our services have been unstable. The development team has been working day and night on the fixes.

We have been answering 1000's of support tickets for our 8000+ monthly customers over the weekend too. Apologies if you have seen a delay in responses and its down to volume. This change log is the best way to see the status of the services and we also email all of our customers too.

Powerlikes status - This is where it hurt us the most, however we have fixed most of the issues. I wouldn't say its 100% working, but if you have important and sponsored posts, I would hold off posting until tomorrow. If you have to explain, tell them that Instagram has done an update and the posts will not reach the whole audience.

PowerViews, PowerSaves & PowerGrowth Service - Everything is back to normal on this, so no worries here.

Compensation - This was out of our hands and we fully understand that you have paid for this service. As we had around 48 hours of stability issues, we will compensate 7 days on your active services. To claim this, please send a support ticket and our agents will extend your active services. This is for likes, views & saves packages only.

Preparation for the future - This was one of the biggest updates Instagram have done this year. I know other companies in this industry that have been hit so hard, that they went out of business. Don't worry, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We have a team of developers working day and night to improve the service. We are soon to release the new engine that will solve most of the problems and increase stability. However the upkeep of the new system and we currently have 10,000´s of Instagram accounts. We will need to upgrade to 4g mobile proxies. This will solve 99% of the issues and make the account undetectable. The only trouble is that 4g proxies are not cheap. We will be spending close to $10,000 & more per month on the new proxies. We believe in a service that works and believe in stability. This will start from next week when we roll out the new system.

Warning! If you are automating your Instagram account with bots from 3rd party suppliers and Telegram bots (Outside of GOSO). If you have to supply your username and password, please change your password ASAP! This update is a clear message that your Instagram account will get banned. If you are like spamming 247 with these these services. We will not ask for your password and will never use your account to like. This is why GOSO services are 100% safe. Be smart with your account.

Change in prices - Do not worry! We will price fix any active subscription with the original price and will not increase your current active services. You will see a drastic increase in price for future purchases to cover the increase of services caused by Instagram. I repeat, you will NOT get charge extra once we release the new system. It is only for new customers and new subscriptions and our way to keep our customers happy.

Thank you for being patient in this stressful time. If Instagram had their way, you would have to spend $$$ just to boost 1 post. We are not going anywhere and willing to invest in stability to solve these issues.

The GOSO team

Powerlikes have been fixed and running as normal.

Due to the recent instability with Instagram this week, a small amount of customers will experience some issues with Powerlikes today. We have been working around the clock to speed up the services. Instagram’s server issues are the cause of this, as some of our like accounts cannot send likes because of this. I know Instagram are working to fix this ASAP. Until then, our hands are tied and its out of our hands.