Free Instagram Service for the month & Service status

Thursday is here and we have some great news for you. Powerlikes, Post-Priming, PowerViews & PowerSaves are working at full speed & working better than ever. After a long night fixing the mess that Instagram caused Tuesday night, we fixed it! GOSO is now working with the very latest Instagram algorithm update.

On Wednesday evening Instagram was down for most of the world. Facebook has announced it was down to merging Facebook Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp. Their tests broke most of their servers and then caused a worldwide issue. I’m crossing my fingers that Instagram doesn’t send more updates over the weekend, I think after the server issues, we won’t see an update this week. 

So I repeat, everything is running smoothly and better than ever. If you tried our services in the past and was not happy, I can assure you that everything has changed since then. If you want to try our services again, contact our support team and they will give you a discount coupon code as a welcome back gift.

We are giving away PowerSaves 50 totally free for a month for our Elite, Prime & Pro Powerlike customers. To receive this offer you must have an active Elite, Prime or Pro Powerlike service (old services before the price update does not apply). If you cancel the recurring payments, this offer will not activate. This service is only available for the month of July. 

We have found that PowerSaves is a great addition for PowerLikes & PowerViews, it tricks the algorithm and helps boost your post even more. Don’t believe us? after the PowerSaves arrive, check your post insights. You will be shocked at how well it can help your posts go viral.

How to claim the Free PowerSaves 50 Service for a month

Visit the GOSO website > Instagram > Free Bonus Service > July 2019 > Add to Basket > View Basket

Use the coupon code GOSOFREE to receive the service for free and click Checkout. Now you can click the Dashboard and add your username to activate the free service for a month. 

We are now reselling GOSO services for agencies all over the internet and supplying 90% of PowerLike services worldwide. If you are an owner of a social media marketing company and want to resell our services, please get in contact via support. We give big discounts for agencies and already our past competitors are reselling GOSO services under their brand.

Hope you have had a great day so far and hopefully we will have more good news soon. Happy 4th July for our American customers.

P.S Use the coupon code 4THJULY to receive 10% off recurring payments. This coupon will only be active for 24 hours. For new orders only.

P.S.S Turns out Instagram has just released an update. Likes are back to being slightly delayed. Don't worry, you will still go viral. Literally as I announced this, they sent an update an hour later.

Tuesday night update on Instagram and big changes

As you know that Instagram did another big update on Monday, it crippled us for part of the night!

We have some good news and bad news...

The bad news
When we migrated all of our accounts to a dedicated 4G supplier, we had to move 10,000’s of accounts over the last 2 weeks. We still have more accounts to add, however we hit a brick wall. The brick wall was called ‘bandwidth’ and it's very expensive. After a few weeks of moving over, we used up our allocated bandwidth and was charged extra by the supplier. We are doing a lot of actions such as the post-priming and making things seem more organic. The accounts are using up so much bandwidth, that we have had no choice to spend over $10,000 per month with the 4G proxy company. This is set to double due to the influx of new customers joining our system. Due to this, we have had no choice to increase the prices to accommodate the cost price of running reliable Instagram services.

The good news
We are happy to say we are still providing likes, views and saves and the speed is improving. They are still slow but you will still go viral. We are working day and night to improve our services and we think things should be running back to normal in a few days. I’m crossing my fingers that Instagram doesn’t release another update over the weekend.

Price promise
As you know when we increase prices, it's out of our hands. We hate to increase the monthly cost as it limits our future customers. The cost of running growth services has increased tremendously since the Instagram updates from last month. With any update, we will price-lock you in at the original price you paid. You will NOT be charged extra and will remain with the current price until you cancel the subscription. If you cancel the subscription, you will lose the original price agreement. So if you are one of our old customers with an active subscription, you are saving so much money right now. So much it's costing the company to manage your account. But we don’t care as we love our long lasting customers.

The old methods you know about Instagram no longer work
I’d like you to take what you know about Instagram growth and throw it out of the window. Everything has changed since the June update. So much that we are practically the only company right now still alive after the updates. Forget about big accounts liking your posts (they are scared of losing their accounts), forget about likes coming in fast and welcome to the future of organic and realistic delivery of likes. The post-priming has been a massive success and this is one of the reasons we are helping 1000’s of Instagram accounts go viral.

Our competitors
Our competitors have moved to our platform to resell to their existing clients. We are now working as a family as we are all in this together. If you want to resell our services to your clients under your brand. Send us a ticket and let's talk, as we will give generous bulk discounts. GOSO is practically supplying 90% of the internets powerlikes, views and saves that doesn’t require a password. Things are looking great and expect some big announcements soon. As we are an open platform, we are creating opportunities in the industry to fight against Instagrams updates. 

We will be releasing GOSO tutorial videos once the updates from Instagram has finished or slowed down. You will be shocked to learn what works and what doesn't with Instagram.

Thank You again for being a loyal customer and hopefully, we will have some good news soon.

P.S Have a look at the new Powerlikes page on GOSO

Tuesday Update! More Instagram Algorithm Changes

Tuesdays here and we have some updates on the current situation. Instagram has tweaked its algorithm last night which triggers how accounts interact. Plus they added more filters to their proxy detection system. Our 4G network is untouched, but the way we interact with the accounts was limited. They are restricting the number of likes per account per day. This has caused a bottleneck in our services and whilst we can still deliver likes, they will arrive slowly. We have found that it will take around 2 hours to arrive. Don’t worry, you can still go viral with posts older than 2 hours.

SMM Panels and other companies like us are failing as they cannot handle the update thrown by Instagram. Our competition is failing as they don’t know what to do. It's going to take a long time for them to recover from this. 

Instagram is winning! What does this mean to you the customer?

Absolutely nothing, we are fighting every update they throw at us and yes we will be unstable for a few days, but we will always be working around the clock to make things right. We appreciate how frustrating this can be for you the customer, but we are always working to ensure our services are one step ahead of everyone else. 

I think I can clearly say that the old Instagram growth methods have finally ended. We are now in a new era on how we can grow on Instagram. Forget what video tutorials for Instagrammers have told you to do, this is old news and no longer work after the new updates. The golden age of Instagram is now behind us. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d like to share the facts that we don’t follow the usual trends that everyone tells you to do. The same people are now sitting with angry customers whilst they scratch their head. The once kings of Instagram services have lost most of their customers in a matter of weeks. This is so serious that lives have been impacted due to Instagram. GOSO is totally different and doesn’t follow what everyone is doing, this is why we are still here and growing tremendously daily. We are still making our client's posts go viral.

We have our inbuild software that no one else has access too apart from GOSO. It's taken us close to 2 years to develop, evolve and we saw this mega update coming. GOSO relies on actual statistic and analytics data that we collect with our services. This is how we can still help your posts go viral, even after the mess of what Instagram has delt upon us. If a growth Influencer tells the world to use his or her methods, we try them and we usually find that it doesn’t do a thing. 

So the status right now is clear, likes will come in slowly (but we are working on speeding them up), you will still go viral with our post-priming service. Which so far has not been detected by Instagram (nor I think it will ever). If you are posting a sponsored or important post and want likes to come in quickly, I would NOT post right now. Don’t worry if they arrive late, you will still go viral. Don’t believe us, check your insights data. This is why we are still in business. 

Views & Saves work, as usual, these view services were not impacted by the updates and they are helping video posts hit the explore/hashtag page more than ever. With our saves service, we had a little issue over the weekend which was caused by an internal bug and not Instagram. This has been fixed and everything should be working as normal.

We will be beta testing our new service hopefully by the end of the month. This will be where you can choose the region, niche and much more. Once we are ready for beta testing, we will message customers who have active services to trial them.

Exciting times are ahead and you will see a big improvement coming soon.

Thanks again for understanding and hopefully we will have some better news soon.

Friday Update and huge Improvements for Instagram

Its FRIDAY and NO Instagram update! As you know Instagram has been aggressive recently with their updates and its been happening for 5 weeks in a row. Usually, they release the updates late Thursday night and it causes stability issues all weekend. It looks like they didn’t release an update or the 4G proxies are working better than expected.

It's a little early to celebrate as they could send another update any minute. We will be prepared as usual as we have had to work for the last 5 weekends to get everything stable. But fingers crossed so we can have the weekend to recharge. 

I would like to say a big Thank You for your support and understanding when these things happen. It’s really put the company under a lot of stress and caused us to totally re-work and upgrade all of our systems. The good news is, we have invested in improved servers which increase the quality of our services and it really shows. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from customers. With the release of our ‘Instagram Post-Priming’ service, lots of customers are reaching the explore page more frequently. This has been added to all of our services as a free upgrade.

I would want to remind you if you are on any of the new ELITE, PRIME or PRO packages (If your service includes a number in the name. i.e. Powerlikes Elite 500). You are entitled to a free service every month. For June it will be FREE PowerViews for a month. To claim this, please visit the GOSO website > Instagram > Free Bonus Services to claim. In July we will release another service which will be free of charge.

The PowerViews are working so well, that customers are going viral with videos on Instagram. Our GOSO PowerViews services will help your videos go viral. 

As we are in a super happy mood as there are no more updates this week. We are giving away a coupon for all PowerView services for 25% off for life (including recurring payments). 

To take advantage of this offer, use the coupon code VIEWSOFFER6 and receive the 25% off for life. It is only valid until Monday 1st July, so hurry if you want to grab this amazing offer. This does not apply if you already have a views package with us, it's only for new orders. 

We have also updated our control panel for registered customers. Once you login to GOSO you will now be greeted with an brand new look. 

On the new GOSO control panel you will have access to some new features:

- Pause any service with an On and Off switch on any live service
- Post counter, so you know how many posts you have per day
- We now have your post history with status of each post, to see the information you need to click ‘Posts’ next to your subscription
- Service Peak times have been added, so you know when likes will arrive at the fastest times
- Announcements from GOSO have been added  

The new website is currently being built with a brand new design. We will release totally new services with the launch, so watch this space. We are going to continue improving our services regardless of any updates from Instagram. 

We hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for being a great customer

Instagram Post-Priming Update and what is happening?

What is currently happening with the latest Instagram update from last Thursday? As you know the update attacked proxies, which temporarily paused a lot of our accounts. We have been manually updating 1000’s of our Instagram accounts to connect to our 4g proxies. It's taking a lot longer than expected and as a result of this, the likes will come in… but with some delays. 

The upside is that your post will still go viral, even if it's delayed. You can check your insights to prove it.

We are getting a lot of tickets from users who say that likes have to arrive within 20 minutes. This was true back in 2017, but this was stopped by Instagram with the December 2017 update. It was so easy for Instagram to detect and the made a stop to it, it was a shame as it guaranteed your post to go viral. After that, we had to adapt to every update to ensure that you still go viral.

This is why GOSO has survived this long. We always adapt and update with the times, unlike our competitors who are always putting their clients at risk. If you are allowing a company to use your password, you are going to risk losing your account. This is not the best thing to do for getting likes, views or saves. You can lose your account and get it banned.

GOSO does not copy what people are saying to do, the reason is these methods may work for the short term, but they easily get stopped by Instagram as everyone is following the same methods. We only listen to our own analytics data and see the statistics that work. We always tweak and improve every week. No one does what we do. We are unique and this is why we are growing as a company very quickly. 

We are now priming your posts before delivering the likes and this is working tremendously. I didn’t want to publically announce this, but it will put your mind at rest. We like to call it, post-priming and it's working really good. We will be adding it as a stand-alone add-on service in the future. All customers will receive the post-priming free of charge on all of our services at no extra cost. This is our way of saying sorry too for the minor issues we have faced lately. 

What is GOSO’s Post-Priming service?
For every post you make we do the following:

1. We send accounts to search for your Instagram name or visit your profile
2. Once the account is on your Instagram page, the accounts will click on your latest post
3. The account will view your post as any human being and then leave the post
4. Your post is now primed

After we have primed your photo, we will then start sending likes to your latest Instagram post organically and drip-fed. This will delay the likes arriving, but it tricks the algorithm and will increase the chances of your post going viral on explore or hashtags. The results we have seen are amazing and a lot of customers have reported that they hit the explore page. The speed of the likes will improve once all of our accounts have been moved to the 4G proxies. 

This ensures nothing looks fake from Instagrams side and ensures our system works. Let's face it, Instagram can see the like accounts for just visiting the post without searching or looking at your content. This is what everyone else in the industry is doing. This is part of the June 2019 update, which is killing off a lot of suppliers. 

GOSO’s Method
Search for the user > Look at the profile > Click the latest Post > Leave or Like

Everyone Else
Visit the post direct > Like

As you can see, the GOSO method looks organic and realistic. Check your insights data to see it working for you. It has taken over 6 months to develop this and it's amazing. 

Future services
We are currently building a system that will allow you to choose the niche of what accounts will like your posts. So if you run a fitness page, we will only send fitness and health Instagram accounts to like your posts. We are looking at location-based likes too & languages. This is still in development and we will keep you updated once it's live.

Thanks for your continual patience I hope you have a great day.

Big update today - Faster arrival times & more

Friday hit the industry with another update from Instagram for the 3rd week running. It was the final nail in the coffin for a lot of companies. It primarily hit suppliers that use their customer's username & password to receive engagement for likes, comments & views.

Instagram users were shocked by a popup that said 'Your Account was Compromised, it looks like you shared your password to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines'. Luckily for us, we NEVER ask for your password to automate for likes, views or saves. Do NOT supply a growth company your account password to receive engagement, you will get your account banned. You can rest assure everything is 100% SAFE WITH GOSO SERVICES.

We worked through the update all weekend and finally fixed a lot of the issues. I'm not going to lie, it was another big update aimed at growth companies like us. As GOSO doesn't ask for your passwords, it didn't hit us as hard as others.

When Instagram releases these updates, it can cripple our services for a short period. Instead of supplying nothing, we will sometimes supply emergency likes. These are our backup likes to ensure you still receive service. Without it, you will receive nothing. This applies to likes only. We will always warn our customers first via email, Twitter, push notification, Facebook, Reddit & our changelog.

The good news today is that we have managed to add a lot of accounts to our network. These range from around 20,000 followers or less. Expect even bigger accounts to join our network in the future. The accounts we use are from all over the world and this is one of the reasons why we are not detected by Instagram. They are all mixed with every drip to ensure randomness. We are currently building a system that will allow you to choose what country you want to receive your likes from and also niche. Exciting times are coming…

I want to share what our big update does. We found that going direct to your post to like was a big giveaway to Instagram. So we found that if our accounts searched for your username, clicked your account and then visited your latest post. It helped trick the algorithm as it seems organic. After warming up your post with these actions, we then start to drip likes to your post. So check your insights once you post, you will see it in action. We are the only company to do this and I didn't want to reveal our secrets, but some customers were confused with their insights. I will rather be fully transparent, but we have other techniques that we use that are company secrets. This method will help your post reach the explore page more frequently. Remember you still need to post good content, captions, researched hashtags and a sprinkle of luck to really go viral. Please be aware that posting in peak times will limit your chances of hitting the explore page, due to heavy competition.

Due to our competition getting hit hard after the Instagram update, we have experienced a lot of attacks aimed at GOSO. Competitors trying to ruin our good image and sway customers to their direction. Its been so bad that they are using fake accounts to publicity bring us down. Rest assured, this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. We have also experienced imposters that are messaging our customers and asking for login details or passwords. We will NEVER ask for your password online If you receive a message asking for details. We are already started legal proceedings to rival companies causing problems and hiring lawyers in their home countries. We will prosecute any competitor that is out to damage us online. We believe in free speech and this is not an issue. But we cannot accept a rival company targeting us for their personal gain. The update has hit everyone hard and now these companies are desperate.

We have hired a new full-time support agent today, as we are growing at an alarming rate and we receive 100's of messages a day. GOSO will be growing our support team over the next few months to handle the demand. We want to ensure every customer receives support as fast as possible.

Expect a revamp of the website and customer area very soon. Our current website is getting quite old and needs a new look to make it user-friendly.

Good times are ahead and we thank you so much for being loyal to GOSO.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it will be all good news from now on.

New tweaks added today, new tip and new accounts added

Today we have been working on stability bugs that were reported by the 'Dynamic Engine'. We have squashed quite a few minor issues and working to make sure everything is running smoothly.

From 6pm to 8pm CET today, we had to migrate the a lot of new accounts which caused a minor issue. Plus some algorithm tweaks. Some customers didn't receive their services. We are happy to announce it is all back to normal.

One thing that we noticed regarding hashtags
Instagram scans your images and they know with AI who and what is on your photos. So if you posted a picture of yourself at a stadium. They will tag your photo internally as '1 person at a stadium', From our data. Instagram know a lot of about your pictures. If you are at a beach, mountain, park, etc. They even count how many people are in the photo too. Oddly they detect pets, text, weapons, items and even nudity.

So if you are posting a picture of your pet dog and you add in the hashtag #cat. They know you are not being true about the photo. What we found is that if you put too many hashtags that are not relevant to the picture, it will damage your chances of going viral. Be careful of your chosen hashtags and use hashtags that are part of your photo.

Don't add photos that contain partial nudity, blood, weapons, violence and even text. Instagram doesn't like it and they will lower your chances of hitting the explore page.

Once we have found more data, we will release it to all of our customers.

The algorithm tweaks that we have done today, will help your post go viral. Check your post insights and see for yourself (from posts after 8pm CET).

The developers will be adding more accounts tomorrow to expand the network even more.

Things are looking up and we are still on top of the game.

Thanks for reading.

New Instagram Dynamic Engine has been launched

Today is another big day at GOSO. We have switched on the new GOSO dynamic engine, which will increase the chance of your post going viral.

All existing customers have now been upgraded to the new undetectable system.

You can see the new Powerlikes services listed here:

What is the new GOSO Dynamic Engine?
GOSO has been working hard on the biggest update since launch. Its taken over 6 months to build and release and now its been added to every service we provide.

- Faster detection times for new posts by 2x
- Faster ordering of the services by 1.5x
- Intelligent drip-feed system to make the service seem more organic
- Every account has been upgraded to 4g proxies to avoid detection from Instagram
- Auto reordering system to top up services if they fail to arrive
- We are fully undetectable by Instagram because the accounts mimic human behavior
- You will rarely see the same person liking your posts, we ensure that everything is random and organic
- We update the engine weekly to ensure we are always 1 step ahead of every competitor
- With every Instagram update, we can easily change settings to ensure we are not hit with problems

Improve your post statistics and reach
When you start using GOSO services, you will see a dramatic increase in post statistics in your Instagram post insights. This will show you how well your post performed and if it hit the hashtags or explore page.

Drip Feed Explained
We will drip feed most services to ensure an organic pattern. Lower packages such as the lite packages will receive limited drip feeds due to the small amounts of services.

Here is an example of how a drip feed works
Let's imagine you have the 1000 likes package. 1000 likes will be randomly divided into multiple runs to appear realistic. We randomize every drip feed amount to ensure we are never detectable by Instagram.

200 likes when we detect your post and ordered. As they start appearing, we will order another batch of 200 within 5 minutes. Same applies with the second drip feed and we will carry on ordering at random intervals until you receive your 1000 likes.

The bigger the service the longer the drip feed to appear organic. Receiving all of your likes in 1 time does not work and will look obviously fake. Since Instagrams update in late 2017, they patched this in their algorithm. Nowadays, slow and steady likes is what will get your post viral.

Detecting your posts
Once your service is live and purchased. You can log into the control panel and add your Instagram username. As soon as you add your username, we will start detecting your posts within a few minutes. Old posts will not receive services. Once we have detected your post, we will start the ordering process.

Organic & realistic arrival of likes
The old days of DM groups, Auto rounds and classic powerlikes are the thing of the past. Instagram released a big update in the summer of 2019 that changed the game. Powerlike companies lost their networks overnight, rendering their services useless. All because they automated the likes 24 hours a day on the same IP address. It doesn’t take a genius to spot this and their algorithm put a stop to them. As GOSO doesn’t require your password and we manage our own networks with the very latest settings. We were undetected and now one of the biggest Instagram growth companies in the world.

We send likes from totally different accounts every time. This tricks the algorithm and stops any patterns forming. You will see it in your post insights on how well GOSO services will help your posts.

No Password Required & account safety
As we don’t require your password for likes, views, saves & comments. Your accounts are 100% safe with GOSO. Post content, relax and watch your services boost your posts and help gain more followers, interactions and engagement.

If you are using Telegram bots or services that require your password. Please change your password ASAP as you will damage your account.

We will be updating the views, saves & comments services this week. So if you want to keep with the original price and not be charged extra. We strongly advise to purchase very soon. Once the new prices are live, you will never receive the same price as before.

Price increase delayed until Monday

Happy Saturday, we are on day 8 of the massive updates from Instagram. We are still here and the new engine is in full swing. Services have stabilized and improved drastically.

We were about to add the new prices yesterday, but we found a bug in the registration page which stopped new customers from creating accounts. We had an overwhelming response as new customers were panicking.

Due to this, we are not going to increase the prices until Monday. Prices are going to increase by 50%. Existing customers will not be charged extra and be price locked at the original price.

Right now we are the only company in the world that has got through the update. Literally every other service outside of GOSO has been hit hard. So much that our competition is reselling our services to stay alive or gone out of business. New registrations and orders have increased so much, that we broke our record yesterday.

We are still working on more stability and quality of services. We haven't relaxed just yet. I'm guessing a new update from Instagram is imminent. But enjoy the services whilst its stable.

We hope you have a great weekend.

The Storm has passed & everything has been updated

Our latest update with the new system is in full swing. So far so good and we can see a massive improvement in stability. But our update came in after another Instagram update, which caused some issues.

We fixed bugs overnight and we noticed a bug with registration, this is now fixed and fully operational. Likes, views & saves are overall stable and we have a reorder system in place for failed orders.

Now that we are on the new stable system, feel free to post and receive your service.

Regarding the price increase
We have had to fully rework the servers, purchase more services, 4g proxies & upgrade everything. This has added a massive monthly charge to our system to make it stable. With the current prices, we are losing money. If we don’t increase the prices, we will be out of business. So later today, we will be increasing all prices up to 50% more. This is out of our hands, but due to pressure from Instagram. We have no choice to bring our system to work with the latest algorithm.

Our competition has fallen flat and lots of other businesses have gone out of business. This update is one of the biggest we have ever seen from Instagram, it seems that we are one of the few companies working on fixes on a daily basis. We literally the only company in the world right now that can deliver powerlikes at our scale.

If you want to keep with the existing price before we add the new services. Order asap as very soon the new packages will be live. If you have cancelled the services, you will NOT receive the same discount. New orders will be fixed for the new increased price. Existing customers will be price fixed at the original price.

I still cannot believe that Instagram started this attack exactly a week ago, it has been one of the hardest weeks ever, with us working day and night to solve.

We appreciate you as a customer and we are ready to release new tools and services soon.

Have a great weekend.

The GOSO team

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