New Instagram update again... Do not post!

Since last night Instagram has released yet another update. This time it's different from the others. It seems likely Instagram is now using some sort of A.I to detect likes. Which is going to hurt everybody who uses Instagram. If they don't like the person who randomly likes your post, they will automatically unlike a post. We are sending likes and then they are unliked within a few minutes. Expect influencers and businesses to see a massive decline in likes, comments and followers (with and without GOSO). But like every update, we will get through this. It's totally out of our hands. Instagram are getting to a point where people will leave their platform. This is going to be a big problem for Instagram in the long term.

It looks like we are going to have to work all weekend to solve this temporary issue.

Please do NOT post! The likes will not arrive right now and we are on American peak times. I'll update you as usual over the weekend on the situation. Please don't send tickets about likes not arriving as it will just slow us down from fixing the issue. Don't worry, we will fix this as usual.

I hope you have a good weekend and thanks for understanding.

Instagram has server issues and not loading photos

I was going to post with some good news, however Instagram is having server issues across Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram. Some images are not loading & also when you upload photos are not visible.

We recommend to not post until Instagram fixes their server issues.

You can read the official statement here

I would like to clarify it is nothing to do with GOSO. We will be keeping an eye on any news from Instagram and we will keep you updated.

Apart from that, the likes are working. But its pointless without the images not loading.

Saturday Status Update - What is happening?

Hey everyone, I just want to keep you all updated with what has happened in the last 48 hours.

TL;DR Do not post if you have a sponsored or important post. It may take a few days for this to blow over.

As you know Instagram has been releasing weekly updates to try and stop service suppliers like ourselves. They have literally wiped out around 80% of companies that do what we do. The first 3 weeks were aimed at automation, which Instagram succeeded. It made a stop to anyone who automates their account for likes and more. We survived as we don't automate your accounts for likes, views or saves. Everything was good until Thursday and this is where they hit hard.

What was different this weeks Instagram update?
Plain and simple... Proxies! As we use proxies to automate our services. Instagram is getting more and more clever. If they see an account is automating with the same IP, over and over. It doesn't take long to form patterns and see who is automating. We knew this was coming a few weeks ago and already started moving all of our accounts to rotating organic 4G proxies. However as we have 10,000's of accounts. We have to add the proxies manually. We have already managed to move around half of our accounts to 4G proxies and they are working fine. However, as we still have more to move over. Its causing a bottle neck in services. You will see a delay in likes, views and saves for some of your paid services. We have activated our emergency likes to ensure you receive likes. But we strongly advise you not to post right now if your post is sponsored or important.

The rotating organic 4G proxies are costing a lot of money to run. I'm talking over $10k a month to rent. This is the reason why we increased our prices as with the old structure, we would go out of business. We honoured the price fix to our existing customers as we believe in keeping our customers happy. GOSO takes our services very seriously and we are not going anywhere

We will be working again over the weekend (for the 4th time this month) to ensure we speed up the services. I feel like this is going to be one of the last major updates this year, as I have never seen such an aggressive response from Instagram. After this, it will be calm and back to normal. As its going to be very very hard to detect our services.

Just remember, if Instagram had their way. You will be paying $$$ to boost 1 post with no guarantees. They are putting the pressure on so hard that businesses and influencers that they are looking for other platforms to promote on. What Instagram is doing is damaging their user-base. Imagine if Instagram succeeds (which they won't). It will literally impossible to go viral without paying them. Instagram is turning into Google with their pay per clicks, but with your posts. People will eventually stop using Instagram and move on to another platform. There is no fun in posting if no one gets to see your posts.

Don't worry, as usual we will be back to normal in no time. We will be extending your services as compensation once this is all fixed. So don't send a ticket regarding this just yet. Please do not send a ticket regarding the likes as we cannot send the likes any faster. This will just delay us from finishing the move to 4G. Which we are all working crazy hours to migrate.

I'll be updating you on here as usual. I hope you have a great weekend and the storm is nearly over. .

Thanks again for your loyal support and we appreciate your patience.

Instagram Update again... Do Not Post!

Instagram has released another update for the 4th week in a row. This time they are targeting proxy suppliers. As we have moved a large proportion of our accounts over to 4G, we still have a lot of accounts on the original proxies.

We would fully recommend to NOT to post right now. If the post is important or sponsored. You will receive likes, but there will be a delay. If it gets really delayed, we will trigger our emergency likes. We recommend not to post right now.

It looks like Instagram are releasing weekly updates and this will disrupt likes, views & saves services.

4G proxies are the future as they are not detectable by Instagram. However, they are very very expensive. We are manually adding 1000’s of 4G proxies to our accounts, which will take time. We are working as fast as we can to get this fully stable. This is our top priority and we will get this working in a few days. We have spent a lot of money on these proxies and its already showing great results.

If you are automating your Instagram accounts or your customers with datacentre or residential proxies (outside of GOSO). I would strongly advise you to switch this off for the next few days.

Its the 4th week in a row that Instagram has released updated. They have already destroyed a lot of suppliers and don’t worry. We will get through this Instagram update as always.

Thanks for understanding and I’ll keep you updated.

Friday update from Instagram - Do not post

It looks like a new update from Instagram is underway. We are supplying emergency likes mixed with normal ones to ensure they arrive. Likes will arrive later than expected, so if you are posting a sponsored or important post. Please hold off until the update has passed.

Saves and views are working as normal.

We will be waiting to see the damage done and fixing over the weekend. It's out of our hands when Instagram does this. They would rather you pay $$$ to promote 1 post.

I'll keep you updated over the weekend.

Instagram Update - Do not Post!

We have detected a new Instagram update recently and we need to investigate what has been changed. A small amount of customers have reported that likes & views have been arriving late or not delivering the full amount.

Once we can spot the changes that Instagram has imposed, we will be able to squash the bugs and be running back to normal in no time. This is 100% normal as Instagram does update their code now and then. The updates can be minor changes which will not take long to fix. However as Instagram has an insane amount of servers, it can take a few hours for us to see the change and to fix. This is why some customers will be fine and some will have issues, it all depends if your server has been updated or not. This can usually take a few hours to 24 hours and depends if Instagram has stability issues.

This is 100% out of our hands. We will be working around the clock to improve the service and get it back to normal.

P.S We have been working on a new engine for delivering the services for over 6 months. We are currently running the system in beta and hopefully this will be rolled out next week, this will improve delivery times on all services.

If you have a sponsored or important post, please do not post.

Thanks for understanding and we will alert you when its safe again.

The GOSO team