Instagram Detection Fixed

After a stressful few hours, we are back and live. We have invested more money into powerful proxies that have a higher chance of not causing issues. As of writing this, you are safe to post and receive Instagram services as usual.

Thank you for your patience, and we will be building in the manual post function very soon. This is a safety precaution to ensure if it happens again, you can manually submit your post link and receive your services.

Happy Thanksgiving! And apologies for the slight downtime today.

Instagram Post Detection Fixed

We have checked our system and also Instagram. There were no updates or flaws, however we found that our proxy supplier had issues at their end. They quickly resolved the problems and its safe to say we are back to normal.

You are safe to post your content on Instagram.

GOSO Dev Team

Detection Updated! You can post

Time: 18:00 CET

After countless hours of hitting our heads against a brick wall, we managed to fix the detection issues caused by an Instagram update.  

You can start posting and receiving services.

GOSO Development Team

Post Detection Fixed & Upgraded

Hey everyone,

Some customers experienced a bug that caused us not to fetch your latest post data. This was caused by a surge of new customers, putting strain on the detection proxies. 

The development team reworked the detection system to work better and more efficiently. We have just uploaded the latest release and should now solve the problem. 

Apologies if you were one of the few that experienced this. 

The GOSO Development Team.

P.S We are working on updating the dashboard that will bring back the post detection history and also peak times data. If you have any requests for other features please send them via a support ticket. 

The New AI Engine is live! Important Please Read

Hey everyone,

It's been a tough 48 hours plugging in the new AI engine, as it's a totally new architecture. We are happy to announce that it's now live. However, the next 2 days we will be working around the clock to ensure bugs are fixed. Our development team will be working over the weekend to be ready for hot fixing. 

You are probably wondering what our new AI system is all about? We will be adding the brand-new AI services very soon. We cannot reveal too much right now, but it will be a game changer. All will be revealed soon.

We have migrated all of our customers to the new platform, as we have to process over 15,000 active customers. You may see a minor delay in delivery of services, however we predict it should even out around Saturday evening. So if you have an important post, I would wait until Sunday to be safe.

On an important note, please do NOT send a support ticket regarding not receiving services. This will slow us down fixing important bugs and errors. From 8pm CET, we activated the new detection server, so only your latest post will receive services. Older posts will not receive services (We warned everyone 2 weeks ago and scattered 4 emails prior alerting you not to post during the update).

Spot any bugs? Please let us know via support tickets. We would appreciate anything you find.

Have a great weekend.

The GOSO Development Team

Detecting Instagram Posts Fixed


After a day of looking into fixes, we are pleased to announce that everything has been fixed and posts will be detected as normal. 

We will be keeping an eye on the system overnight to ensure that everything is running normally. We will be adding extra precautions over the next few days to hopefully solve the issue for future updates. 

Thanks for your patience on this matter

Instagram Algorithm January 2020 results & Post Scanning Upgrade

We’ve been receiving some concerns about some of our service speeds. Rest assured that we have been hard at work looking into the data regarding the update on January 18th, and now we have some interesting results to share with you. But first I would like to share with you the history of the Instagram algorithm over the last 3 years.

Back in 2017 to go viral, you just needed to have a lot of likes on your post within 10 minutes. It worked great and literally every post hit the explore page with very little effort. You could take a terrible selfie and hit very high ranking hashtags and receive 1000’s of new Instagram followers. This was the golden age of Instagram Powerlikes.

In 2018 Instagram changed the algorithm and everyone was hit hard. What we found is that the likes had to be delivered but spread over an hour period. This helped to get on the explore page, but it wasn’t as easy as it was a year before.

The summer of 2019 was the biggest update yet. Instagram hit hard towards social media agencies like ourselves. 95% of Instagram suppliers were reselling from 1 main supplier and was 100% detected by Instagram. It didn’t take long for Instagram to kill them off. As we built a unique and dedicated system that only we use. We were the only surviving Instagram growth company for a short while. This is why we are the world leader in Instagram growth. 80% of the services that you see online are resellers of GOSO.

It’s now it’s 2020 and we have our first Instagram algorithm update of the year. It’s an interesting update as it really changed the game on Instagram for the better. Every year we saw a decrease in the time delivering services, it helped your post with the Instagram algorithm. We have analyzed the data from our test accounts. It’s now even slower and it’s about appearing natural and organic looking. We have cracked the 2020 January algorithm and here is how it works.

When you make a post on Instagram it will be shown to a small percent of your followers. It will appear on the home screen on anyone that follows you. After around 1 hour, it will appear to another small percentage of your followers. This continues for every hour until it reaches 24 hours of the original post time. This is why when you first open Instagram in the morning, your home screen will only see the latest posts from around the last few hours. After a few hours, you will start seeing older posts. In the evening you will start seeing posts from around a day old. At night time you can see posts on your home screen that could be days old. This is how the Instagram home page algorithm works. Have a look for yourself and you can start seeing a pattern appearing. Depending on the post engagement such as likes, video views, saves, comments & eyes actually looking at your post (HyperPriming). Instagram will then decide if your post is worthy of reaching the explore pages.

I would like you to click the bottom search icon on Instagram, this is the explore page. Now click on random posts & videos. You will see that a very small amount of posts are less than 12 hours old. The average Instagram posts on the explore page range from 1 day to 7 days in age. Some posts as old as 14 days are being shown on the explore page, which is very strange.

We did some tests with our services and the drip rate of likes, views, hyper priming & saves. This dramatically impacted the post reaching a higher audience on the home & explore page. When we reduced the speed of the HyperPriming services, it really enhanced the results by a big margin. From now on we are supplying GOSO services with our internal organic algorithm of delivering services. This fixes any issues with the January Instagram update of 2020. Which will ensure the chances of your posts reaching the home and explore page.

As from this message (29th January 2020) we have updated the services with the new algorithm changes for all active GOSO customers. So you should see all of our services reduced in arrival time to combat the latest Instagram algorithm update. We will be releasing a video going into more detail very soon.

On a side note, we upgraded our detection software to find your posts without having to click the ‘scan button. Don’t worry, we will detect all posts but remember delivery has been slowed down for the latest algorithm update. Do not expect instant services as it will not help your posts go viral.

If anything else changes in the future, we will be updating on a daily basis based on data that we collect with our test accounts. You never know the next update may require faster arrival times, which we can quickly update to be fully updated with future Instagram algorithm updates.

Did you spot anything else with the algorithm? Let us know in the comments section. Don’t worry, Instagram your account is in safe hands & our main priority is helping your posts go viral.

P.S Instagram Growth & Stories services are coming very soon. Plus a total redesign to make the website more user-friendly.

Changes to the new Instagram platform

We have made some minor changes & improvements to our Instagram services.

- New Instagram services will be added soon
We will be adding new story, exposure & growth services before the end of the year. We are waiting on the new Instagram update (That removes the public likes) to roll out before we can launch the new exciting services.

- Updating Usernames for subscriptions
In the summer we limited changing the username for subscriptions, due to some users abusing the service. As per all of our services, its 1 subscription service for 1 account and its always been like this. Because some users were changing usernames daily, it was causing an issue with our service detecting your posts. So we limited it and only allowed you to add your username if you wanted to change your username. You would have to contact support to fix the problem. As some people accidentally inputted the wrong username, it was frustrating to contact support to change it.

We have fixed this so you can manually update your username without contacting support. But we have a limited amount of changes to the username before it is locked.

- Updating the user experience & usability
The GOSO website was designed & built 2 years ago and we are aware that the site is outdated and not user-friendly. We will be updating the website totally in the coming months to fix these issues.

- Changes to tickets & cancellations
We have simplified the tickets section & added a new cancel subscriptions page to GOSO. You will need to manually cancel the recurring payments on Paypal to stop any rebills.

Thanks for being a loyal customer.

Sunday updates and another Instagram update

It's Sunday Funday and we are still working. It turns out that Instagram did release another update over the weekend. 30% of our accounts were affected, but the rest were fine. The 30% of accounts has no 4G proxies assigned to them, we will be adding these to 4G this week. So you may have experienced a post with slightly less likes. Don't worry, we have now temporarily removed the affected accounts from supplying likes. We noticed a little issue with saves too, this has been fixed.

Any post from now should arrive with no issues and go viral. All services are running and the post-priming is working flawlessly. Check your Instagram post statistics and see for yourself. 

On a positive, it shows that 70% of 4G Instagram accounts were not detected by Instagram. So we are finally seeing the hard work pay off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again.

Instagram Update: We have fixed the issue

Yesterday we warned customers about the issues we had with an update from Instagram.

We have worked all day and night to solve the issue, we are pleased to say that the likes have been fixed. Any posts from this message on will receive the likes.

We apologize for the issues caused by Instagram and we are actively building a new order engine that solves these problems. We are currently beta testing the new system and hopefully next week, it will be added to all paying customers at no extra cost. You will love the speed and quality of the new system and will help you go viral.

Happy Posting!

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