Stability Improvements

We have some great news!

The development team has pushed some critical changes to the post detection servers today. Our support teams had notified that some posts are not getting detected at all from a small amount of our customers.

The fix introduced more servers to double check on posts. This should improve the overall detection of your posts.

Please ensure that your account is not set to private, restricted to certain countries or age restricted. We will not be able to detect your posts if you have set any of the above.

We hope you have a great day


Instagram Post Detection 5x Faster & Looking for Beta Testers

We have been working hard on the next new update from GOSO. We have totally redeveloped the new GOSO v3 engine, which will go live as soon as we iron out the bugs. However, part of the update was the detection times on how we can view your latest Instagram posts. Due to restrictions from the Instagram API, we had to limit the number of requests.

The good news: We have successfully integrated the improved post-detection software into the current version of GOSO. We launched a trial last night to stress test the service. It's running faster than ever and could detect your latest post 5x faster than before... and it's now LIVE to all GOSO paying customers. You should see a huge improvement in service speed.

This summer you should see some big updates from GOSO:
- Brand New Website to be user friendly & easier to use
- Brand New GOSO v3 backend engine (improved reliability, quality & speed)
- Brand New Services for Instagram Stories, TikTok, YouTube & more

We are now looking for Beta testers to trial new products and services for free. To apply, please add your details to the form below.

Thanks again for being awesome!

System Maintenance & Upgrade

We have released a service security update at 12pm today, as its a big update. We maybe down temporary, don't worry as this is normal when upgrading.

Our subscription services will be running as normal and not impacted by the update.

What are we updating?

- The server and configuration
- Customer login area
- Customer payments & management system

Once its fully updated we will let you know, we are sorry for any downtime.


Everything was updated correctly, you can now purchase and login.

New Instagram Manual Scanner for detecting new posts

Last week Instagram issued another update that changed the way it works. One of the big changes was how we can detect your latest posts. Instagram changed some things to try and limit scanning of Instagram accounts. This resulting in our automatic system to fail sometimes in detecting your posts.

The way we detect your posts is to visit your profile every 5 minutes. However due to this Instagram update, it restricted us on the amount of time we can visit your profile. We have over 11,000+ accounts that we scan your posts every 5 minutes. We have added in extra proxies and had to slow down the scanning due to Instagram blocking access. We have made some fixes which fixes most of the problems, but we have developed a new feature to manually scan your account.

If you want to ensure that we detect your post quickly, you can login to the website and request a manual scan. This will ensure that your post is detected quickly and you receive your services much faster than the automatic method.

To request a manual scan when you have made a new post
Login > Dashboard > Click the new 'Scan' button next to your service

This is a temporary fix and we are already working on a new method to detect your posts. Once its live I'll let you know via email.

Thanks for being a loyal customer

Buy One Get One FREE On Views - SUPER OFFER

For the month of September we will be giving all customers buy on get one FREE on all new views packages. All you need to do is buy a new views package and send us a support ticket with the confirmation of the payment and we will double your views for the whole month.

Videos are one of the best ways to get onto the explore page at the moment so here at Goso we want to help you hit that famous explore page again and again with this SUPER OFFER.

Can not be used in conection with any other offers.

From all the Goso team, have a great week.

Friday Update! Algorithm update and arrival fixed

Its been a long long week regarding Instagram's latest algorithm update and it looks like they are calming down regarding the weekly updates. Its week 8 so far and things are looking good at our end. The development team has been working around the clock to solve these issues. 

Algorithm Update
The good news is now that we have figured out how to go viral with the latest update. I’ve just added the changes to the system, so if you are reading this any post from the future will have a much higher chance of going viral. Post Priming has been updated too regarding this. This is normal after any update and I’m happy to announce that it only took us a week to combat the issue.

Speed of the likes
Part of the latest update from Instagram was that they implemented an AI to allow or disallow likes. If the likes arrived too fast, it triggered the AI and removed them. We had to really slow down the likes to make it work. Our first test was drip-feeding the likes up to 24 hours, as this was the only way for the likes to stay. We have studied the AI and we have been tweaking our settings to avoid detection. The good news is now the likes are arriving much faster and not getting detected by the AI. It's taken a lot of resources to achieve this.

Changing our structure from 3 posts a day
Due to the stress of the systems and resources to deliver likes. We will be reducing the daily posts from 3 posts a day to 2 posts a day. We have had a look at the data from our 9000+ customers and only 5% of our customers are posting 3 times a day. We were hit with a conclusion, either raise the price again or reduce the number of daily posts. 

The reason is based on scanning the accounts and bottlenecking our system. The more likes we have to deliver, the slower everyone receives the likes. So it's unfair for customers who post once a day compared to customers who post 3 times a day. 

It makes sense as part of the recent updates from Instagram, they are not looking at the number of posts you post daily. They are looking for quality and after 2 posts they don’t really take notice against the 3rd post. If Instagram sees that you are posting 3 times a day or more, they could class you as a spammer. Realistically people only post 1 or 2 times a day and achieve really good results. Quantity is not the answer to grow on Instagram, it's about posting good quality posts. 

Once things start to cool off from Instagram, we may increase it back to 3. We will be adding the change on Monday and you will see it appear on your dashboard. 

This was a hard decision but we have to look at quality posts and our customers to receive a good service without delays or issues. The last thing we want to do is increase the prices again. 

Instagram didn’t issue its weekly update last night, which is a good sign of things to come. Hopefully, they will not update over the weekend.

Thanks for being patient as ever and I’m really happy to announce that likes and the algorithm is much more stable with GOSO.

Sunday Update! Improved speed and algorithm change

Since Friday we have been working day and night to improve the speed of the likes caused by a big Instagram update. We have made progress and as of right now the speed of the likes has improved. It's not perfect but we are making progress.

If you didn't receive likes in the last 2 days, we recommend to delete the post and repost it. Please do not send a ticket to top up the likes as it will just slow us down from fixing the issue. This only affected a small amount of customers due to posting at peak time during the Instagram update.

We are still tweaking settings for the latest algorithm update, we have found something interesting. Data is showing that a slow and realistic looking like arrival is helping towards going viral. We want to do more tests before we release the update.

However things are looking good right now and now it seems that Instagram are releasing weekly updates to try and stop us.

I'll update you soon regarding any more news.

Tuesday night update! Everything is looking good

Since the Instagram updates that hit the Instagram industry hard last weekend, we have finally cracked it! Services are running great, likes are sticking and the post-priming is running smoothly. We have been tweaking our settings daily to try and speed up the likes. We have succeeded and likes are coming in perfectly and helping customers go viral.

I just want to confirm that it's perfectly normal for likes to arrive slowly and organically. This is what is avoiding the detection of the likes and also allowing them to stick. The faster we deliver likes, the chances of going viral weakens. 

Fast likes = Detected by Instagram & you will not go viral
Slow likes = Not detected by Instagram and you have a bigger chance of going viral

We still have a few customers who want their likes to appear within 10 minutes or less than 1 hour. These days are over and the June Instagram Algorithm update put a stop to this. The future of Instagram growth in slow and organic to succeed. Everything that you have learn’t before is pointless and will not help you go viral.

GOSO has been receiving a lot of praise recently with customers sending their statistics of posts and being extremely happy with hitting the explore page or hashtags. See for yourself by viewing your post insights.

Right now we are the only operating independent company that is supplying likes to the world. Other companies are reselling our services to stay in the business. If you are looking to resell our services, we offer discounts and please send a support ticket. 

Don’t worry, we are always updating our system daily to stop detections from Instagram.

We hope you have a great week ahead & fingers crossed no more updates from Instagram happens for a while.

Sunday Night Update! We are back but...

Another weekend has been ruined since the updates from Instagram. The AI is getting more and more intelligent by the looks of things. Part of our tests have shown that actions are now randomizing. For example, one like account could like 200 actions in an hour, the next hour it could be limited to 5 actions. Which is what was confusing us as we had fixed actions per account. So we have to randomize our actions by the hour, which in results in slow, steady and organic looking likes.

However, we are now back and likes will still arrive but very slowly. This seems to be the future of Instagram is slow and not rushed. Its no longer about how fast you receive the likes. Its about how organic and realistic they arrive. I've been looking at big influencer accounts on Instagram and have studied the interactions. The likes don't come in fast, they are liked up to 24 hours and they stick more on the explore page.

The GOSO post priming service is still working flawlessly and is really helping users hit the explore page and hashtags. Mixing these with the likes is what is making GOSO powerlikes work. But, due to the limits of the actions. We have added emergency accounts to the network to increase the speed. These accounts can be new and we found that as long as it appears organic, it will NOT impact your posts from going viral. Don't panic, check your post insights and you will see that you will still go viral. They won't damage your account as I can assure you the last thing we would do is damage our customers accounts. This would be suicide for us if it was the case.

Everything you knew about Instagram and Powerlikes before June is now out-of-date. The golden days is now over. The new era of Instagram likes is here, love it or hate it. Its here to stay and its out of our hands. All GOSO can do is view its statistics and data and work upon facts. We have close to 9000 customers using our likes services and growing daily. Its clearly working as customers are sharing their statistics to us.

Remember it has to be a super slow drip for the system to work. Which can take hours, but it will stick longer on the explore page. Remember, that 90% of suppliers have dropped off and now hiding in caves. Which means a higher chance for your posts to go viral with less competition on posting with Powerlikes.

Our system is fully randomized right now, so 80% of our accounts are normal likes and 20% are emergency. So every drip is totally different from the others and every post will be different. Once we add more accounts, we will weed out the emergency likes. We will be explaining with YouTube videos on our channel once we find out more information. This will be pointless right now as every week it changes from Instagram.

We are still working on the new GOSO network update, which will totally stop most issues and allow you to chose the language, location and niche for likes. This is going to be an exciting time for Instagram growth.

Stranger things is happening with Instagram and the future of likes is here. We are just the first to discover and share the data with the world. Instead of keeping it as a company secret, we believe you should know.

Once we have found out more information I'll let you know. Thanks for being patient again about this.

Saturday update! Big improvements and fixes

It's Saturday and the development team has been working overnight. We have figured out the latest algorithm update and now the likes are sticking. The AI that was used by Instagram was hard on us, but we figured it out.

It seems like Instagram is now releasing weekly updates, which is continuously causing issues every weekend. I can understand now why literally every other like supplier cannot keep up with the updates. As we are now the only company in the industry that are supply likes. We are taking the weekly updates seriously and as of now we are employing extra developers to work weekends. We have grown 80% as a business since the updates happened 6 weeks ago. Our old competitors are now reselling GOSO services to stay alive. This has been a good thing as now we are all working together. Instead of trying to out smart each other.

It's 3pm in Spain and the likes are arriving. But the trend for us to keep the likes working with the new AI, we have to deliver the likes slow and steady. When we deliver fast, it triggers Instagram to remove the likes. The only good thing is that now the likes are working and looking more organic as ever.

Old methods are a thing of the past, so don't expect likes to arrive quickly. It simply won't work. We will be doing an explanation video soon about old methods Vs new. The whole powerlikes industry has been reset and right now, we are the only ones who is taking this seriously.

Likes will work and you will still go viral. Just expect a slower drip time for likes to arrive naturally. Remember at peak times it will be even slower. So try to avoid posting when Instagram is at its busiest. You can login to the dashboard to view daily updated park times.

We are still building a newer system that will solve a lot more issues and we will be beta testing it at the end of the month. You will be able to choose your niche, language and location for the likes. Early tests is doing great and has not been affected by the weekly updates. This will be a game changer.

GOSO will be implementing a global block list at the the end of the month. Due to some users trying to cause problems online with GOSO. Trying to sabotage our name and cause distributions. These individuals will be on a global blacklist, no matter what supplier they use in the future. They will not be able to use any of our services for life and this applies to their customers too, who are out to cause problems. We have a solid community and lucky to have amazing customers who understand the issues caused by Instagram. We encourage positivity and we will all florish. The rate we are growing is amazing and we are always investing in making GOSO better than ever.

Thanks again for understanding and being a loyal customer. Big rewards are coming your way.

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