Stability Improvements

We have some great news!

The development team has pushed some critical changes to the post detection servers today. Our support teams had notified that some posts are not getting detected at all from a small amount of our customers.

The fix introduced more servers to double check on posts. This should improve the overall detection of your posts.

Please ensure that your account is not set to private, restricted to certain countries or age restricted. We will not be able to detect your posts if you have set any of the above.

We hope you have a great day


Instagram Detection Issues

Today we are having similar issues with detecting posts on Instagram. We have spoken to our proxy suppliers and can see that certain blocks have been made with the proxies. It looks like an update from Instagram to stop proxy suppliers finding your latest post is the problem. I've spoken with other companies that do similar services, and they have all reported the same issue.

We are waiting on a response from our proxy supplier, but generally when Instagram pushes an update like this, we have to find a solution fast. 

The development team is working on an emergency fix to manually add your Instagram posts. What this means is that whenever you make a new post, you will need to supply the post details on your GOSO dashboard. Don't worry, as it will be super easy to use and will ensure receive your services. All you will have to do is visit your post on the app or website and copy the link to the post.

This will be a temporary measure until the proxy situation has been fixed. 

I will let you know when we have added the manual post feature. We estimate it to be available very soon.

Please do post if you have any sponsored or paid posts. You will not receive services on Instagram.

GOSO Dev Team

Updating Post Detection Server - Do not post

Time: 13:30pm CET

Due to an Instagram update, we are working on an emergency hotfix to detect your latest posts. We are looking into the issue and will update you when you can post again.

This was out of our hands, and we will be working around the clock to fix. It shouldn't take long to get it back to normal. Please note that the dashboard detect post button will NOT work until we find a fix. Please do NOT send support tickets regarding your posts. Once its back online, it will detect your posts from today. 

We will update you when it will be back to detecting your posts again. Don't worry, we don't think it will take long to get it back to normal. 

GOSO Development Team

Instagram Post Detection 5x Faster & Looking for Beta Testers

We have been working hard on the next new update from GOSO. We have totally redeveloped the new GOSO v3 engine, which will go live as soon as we iron out the bugs. However, part of the update was the detection times on how we can view your latest Instagram posts. Due to restrictions from the Instagram API, we had to limit the number of requests.

The good news: We have successfully integrated the improved post-detection software into the current version of GOSO. We launched a trial last night to stress test the service. It's running faster than ever and could detect your latest post 5x faster than before... and it's now LIVE to all GOSO paying customers. You should see a huge improvement in service speed.

This summer you should see some big updates from GOSO:
- Brand New Website to be user friendly & easier to use
- Brand New GOSO v3 backend engine (improved reliability, quality & speed)
- Brand New Services for Instagram Stories, TikTok, YouTube & more

We are now looking for Beta testers to trial new products and services for free. To apply, please add your details to the form below.

Thanks again for being awesome!

Instagram Update Which has stopped us detecting posts

Hi Everyone,

Instagram rolled out a new update yesterday which stopped any form of detecting your latest posts. Which we depend on to automate your services. 

Whilst all services are working, the issue is detecting your latest post to send services to it. We are working around the clock to solve this problem and will report back with information soon. 

If you have a paid or sponsored post, I wouldn't post until this has been resolved. We will compensate in days lost as we usually do.

Are you a developer and want to be part of our new GOSO dev community? We have set up a new Discord group for everything social media related. We use a lot of freelance developers with all of our companies to help us build exciting services. So if you could help in situations like this or want to earn extra money. Join our Discord Dev channel 

I will keep you updated on any news that arises. 

New Weekend Update from Instagram with service disruptions

Its the end of the week and Instagram has issued an update worldwide. As it usually takes 24 hours to fully upgrade around the globe, some of our services will not be able to detect posts and supply services. Its been a while since Instagram updated and it happened only a few hours ago and we have already detected it.

We are working around the clock to update our service engine to work along side the update. Its not a serious update, Instagram has just made some internal changes.

Please do NOT to post on Instagram, if its important or sponsored. We will NOT be able to supply the service until we have updated our system. We are working around the clock and estimate 24 hours until it is fixed. This is a pretty minor update, so I don't think it will impact for long.

Please do NOT contact support about the issue, we already know and it will just slow down the process of fixing the issue. If you have NOT received services after 24 hours, please contact support and we will assist. Please do NOT contact if its below 24 hours.

Don't worry as Instagram updates their system every few months, its perfectly normal as we need to adjust our system.

System Maintenance & Upgrade

We have released a service security update at 12pm today, as its a big update. We maybe down temporary, don't worry as this is normal when upgrading.

Our subscription services will be running as normal and not impacted by the update.

What are we updating?

- The server and configuration
- Customer login area
- Customer payments & management system

Once its fully updated we will let you know, we are sorry for any downtime.


Everything was updated correctly, you can now purchase and login.

Weekend update from Instagram with slower than usual services

Over the weekend we found that Instagram rolled out another update. Whenever a big update is released, we can see instabilities in some of our services. We have to slow down the arrival times on some services, to counter the update. Once we get enough data, we can work on combatting and updating the system for the fresh update.

This is 100% normal as Instagram releases new updates to keep their platform fresh. We welcome new updates from Instagram, but for a few days, our services can be slightly slower than usual. Don’t worry, we are working around the clock to fix this speed issue.

If you are expecting a fast service that worked with the old Instagram algorithm. We suggest not to post with sponsored or important content until the fixes have been updated. To be clear, GOSO services are working. It’s just taking longer to receive some of the services.

Long-time GOSO customers are used to Instagram frequent updates and know 100% we always fix the issues fast. So don’t panic and we have everything under control. This is why we are still the market leader on Instagram growth & we are not going anywhere.

Once we have enough data from the latest Instagram update, we will update you with the good news.

HyperLikes was supposed to be released very soon, which we have amazing results from. We have to wait to see the outcome of the update and then we will be releasing this industry-changing service.

P.S Instagram Growth 2020 has had a lot of interest and we could be releasing it at the end of the month. If you want to be on the waiting list, add your details below.

New Instagram Manual Scanner for detecting new posts

Last week Instagram issued another update that changed the way it works. One of the big changes was how we can detect your latest posts. Instagram changed some things to try and limit scanning of Instagram accounts. This resulting in our automatic system to fail sometimes in detecting your posts.

The way we detect your posts is to visit your profile every 5 minutes. However due to this Instagram update, it restricted us on the amount of time we can visit your profile. We have over 11,000+ accounts that we scan your posts every 5 minutes. We have added in extra proxies and had to slow down the scanning due to Instagram blocking access. We have made some fixes which fixes most of the problems, but we have developed a new feature to manually scan your account.

If you want to ensure that we detect your post quickly, you can login to the website and request a manual scan. This will ensure that your post is detected quickly and you receive your services much faster than the automatic method.

To request a manual scan when you have made a new post
Login > Dashboard > Click the new 'Scan' button next to your service

This is a temporary fix and we are already working on a new method to detect your posts. Once its live I'll let you know via email.

Thanks for being a loyal customer

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