Big update from GOSO today - Maintenance Mode

Its a big day for us at GOSO, we are going to release the new engine that will improve all services. It has taken over 6 months to build and we have beta tested this for 4 weeks. Due to the recent aggressive updates from Instagram, we have no choice to launch and push it to live today.

I strongly advise you not to post until we have fully migrated to the new system. We will temporarily shut down any new registrations and orders, once we start the migration. This could take a few hours if we do not face any issues. We will alert you by this changelog, email, push notification, Facebook and Twitter.

You will not be able to login, register or change any settings until we have migrated.

The reason it will take a while is that we have to move 8000+ customers from one server to another server with totally different architecture. Plus we will be moving all client settings such as an Instagram handle for each active service.

Why are we changing with the current system on GOSO?
It's more of a behind the scenes update, we have built a system that intelligently pushes your likes, saves & views.

The current system - We have a lot of servers for sending likes, we would randomly select a server and place the drip feed order. This sounds great but what we found is that if we send too many likes on a server, it would cause a bottle-neck. This is why 1 out of 8 customers would receive their likes later than usual.

The new system - We have built our own algorithm that will check the orders from each server. So we can see what server wait times are, so if a server has a lot of orders, we will intelligently skip it and move to a more reliable server. We do hourly tests on each server to see how fast the server is delivering, so we can automatically stop using a server that is facing too many orders. Unlike the current method, where we would order from 1 random server. We will now drip feed each order across all servers, which in theory will stop the bottle-neck. The beta test has been successful and we have ironed out a majority of bugs.

As usual, thanks for being a loyal customer and things should be running better than ever once we launch the new system. Prices will increase for the new update for new customers and new orders. As a thank you from us, you will NOT be charged extra and we will price fix with your original plan. If you cancel the subscription, you will never get your original deal and there is no way to get it back.

This will be the biggest update from GOSO yet.

P.S The developers will not be leaving the office until it is all working. They hate me right now and especially Instagram for these insane updates.