Big update today - Faster arrival times & more

Friday hit the industry with another update from Instagram for the 3rd week running. It was the final nail in the coffin for a lot of companies. It primarily hit suppliers that use their customer's username & password to receive engagement for likes, comments & views.

Instagram users were shocked by a popup that said 'Your Account was Compromised, it looks like you shared your password to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines'. Luckily for us, we NEVER ask for your password to automate for likes, views or saves. Do NOT supply a growth company your account password to receive engagement, you will get your account banned. You can rest assure everything is 100% SAFE WITH GOSO SERVICES.

We worked through the update all weekend and finally fixed a lot of the issues. I'm not going to lie, it was another big update aimed at growth companies like us. As GOSO doesn't ask for your passwords, it didn't hit us as hard as others.

When Instagram releases these updates, it can cripple our services for a short period. Instead of supplying nothing, we will sometimes supply emergency likes. These are our backup likes to ensure you still receive service. Without it, you will receive nothing. This applies to likes only. We will always warn our customers first via email, Twitter, push notification, Facebook, Reddit & our changelog.

The good news today is that we have managed to add a lot of accounts to our network. These range from around 20,000 followers or less. Expect even bigger accounts to join our network in the future. The accounts we use are from all over the world and this is one of the reasons why we are not detected by Instagram. They are all mixed with every drip to ensure randomness. We are currently building a system that will allow you to choose what country you want to receive your likes from and also niche. Exciting times are coming…

I want to share what our big update does. We found that going direct to your post to like was a big giveaway to Instagram. So we found that if our accounts searched for your username, clicked your account and then visited your latest post. It helped trick the algorithm as it seems organic. After warming up your post with these actions, we then start to drip likes to your post. So check your insights once you post, you will see it in action. We are the only company to do this and I didn't want to reveal our secrets, but some customers were confused with their insights. I will rather be fully transparent, but we have other techniques that we use that are company secrets. This method will help your post reach the explore page more frequently. Remember you still need to post good content, captions, researched hashtags and a sprinkle of luck to really go viral. Please be aware that posting in peak times will limit your chances of hitting the explore page, due to heavy competition.

Due to our competition getting hit hard after the Instagram update, we have experienced a lot of attacks aimed at GOSO. Competitors trying to ruin our good image and sway customers to their direction. Its been so bad that they are using fake accounts to publicity bring us down. Rest assured, this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. We have also experienced imposters that are messaging our customers and asking for login details or passwords. We will NEVER ask for your password online If you receive a message asking for details. We are already started legal proceedings to rival companies causing problems and hiring lawyers in their home countries. We will prosecute any competitor that is out to damage us online. We believe in free speech and this is not an issue. But we cannot accept a rival company targeting us for their personal gain. The update has hit everyone hard and now these companies are desperate.

We have hired a new full-time support agent today, as we are growing at an alarming rate and we receive 100's of messages a day. GOSO will be growing our support team over the next few months to handle the demand. We want to ensure every customer receives support as fast as possible.

Expect a revamp of the website and customer area very soon. Our current website is getting quite old and needs a new look to make it user-friendly.

Good times are ahead and we thank you so much for being loyal to GOSO.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it will be all good news from now on.