Friday Update! Algorithm update and arrival fixed

Its been a long long week regarding Instagram's latest algorithm update and it looks like they are calming down regarding the weekly updates. Its week 8 so far and things are looking good at our end. The development team has been working around the clock to solve these issues. 

Algorithm Update
The good news is now that we have figured out how to go viral with the latest update. I’ve just added the changes to the system, so if you are reading this any post from the future will have a much higher chance of going viral. Post Priming has been updated too regarding this. This is normal after any update and I’m happy to announce that it only took us a week to combat the issue.

Speed of the likes
Part of the latest update from Instagram was that they implemented an AI to allow or disallow likes. If the likes arrived too fast, it triggered the AI and removed them. We had to really slow down the likes to make it work. Our first test was drip-feeding the likes up to 24 hours, as this was the only way for the likes to stay. We have studied the AI and we have been tweaking our settings to avoid detection. The good news is now the likes are arriving much faster and not getting detected by the AI. It's taken a lot of resources to achieve this.

Changing our structure from 3 posts a day
Due to the stress of the systems and resources to deliver likes. We will be reducing the daily posts from 3 posts a day to 2 posts a day. We have had a look at the data from our 9000+ customers and only 5% of our customers are posting 3 times a day. We were hit with a conclusion, either raise the price again or reduce the number of daily posts. 

The reason is based on scanning the accounts and bottlenecking our system. The more likes we have to deliver, the slower everyone receives the likes. So it's unfair for customers who post once a day compared to customers who post 3 times a day. 

It makes sense as part of the recent updates from Instagram, they are not looking at the number of posts you post daily. They are looking for quality and after 2 posts they don’t really take notice against the 3rd post. If Instagram sees that you are posting 3 times a day or more, they could class you as a spammer. Realistically people only post 1 or 2 times a day and achieve really good results. Quantity is not the answer to grow on Instagram, it's about posting good quality posts. 

Once things start to cool off from Instagram, we may increase it back to 3. We will be adding the change on Monday and you will see it appear on your dashboard. 

This was a hard decision but we have to look at quality posts and our customers to receive a good service without delays or issues. The last thing we want to do is increase the prices again. 

Instagram didn’t issue its weekly update last night, which is a good sign of things to come. Hopefully, they will not update over the weekend.

Thanks for being patient as ever and I’m really happy to announce that likes and the algorithm is much more stable with GOSO.