Friday Update and huge Improvements for Instagram

Its FRIDAY and NO Instagram update! As you know Instagram has been aggressive recently with their updates and its been happening for 5 weeks in a row. Usually, they release the updates late Thursday night and it causes stability issues all weekend. It looks like they didn’t release an update or the 4G proxies are working better than expected.

It's a little early to celebrate as they could send another update any minute. We will be prepared as usual as we have had to work for the last 5 weekends to get everything stable. But fingers crossed so we can have the weekend to recharge. 

I would like to say a big Thank You for your support and understanding when these things happen. It’s really put the company under a lot of stress and caused us to totally re-work and upgrade all of our systems. The good news is, we have invested in improved servers which increase the quality of our services and it really shows. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from customers. With the release of our ‘Instagram Post-Priming’ service, lots of customers are reaching the explore page more frequently. This has been added to all of our services as a free upgrade.

I would want to remind you if you are on any of the new ELITE, PRIME or PRO packages (If your service includes a number in the name. i.e. Powerlikes Elite 500). You are entitled to a free service every month. For June it will be FREE PowerViews for a month. To claim this, please visit the GOSO website > Instagram > Free Bonus Services to claim. In July we will release another service which will be free of charge.

The PowerViews are working so well, that customers are going viral with videos on Instagram. Our GOSO PowerViews services will help your videos go viral. 

As we are in a super happy mood as there are no more updates this week. We are giving away a coupon for all PowerView services for 25% off for life (including recurring payments). 

To take advantage of this offer, use the coupon code VIEWSOFFER6 and receive the 25% off for life. It is only valid until Monday 1st July, so hurry if you want to grab this amazing offer. This does not apply if you already have a views package with us, it's only for new orders. 

We have also updated our control panel for registered customers. Once you login to GOSO you will now be greeted with an brand new look. 

On the new GOSO control panel you will have access to some new features:

- Pause any service with an On and Off switch on any live service
- Post counter, so you know how many posts you have per day
- We now have your post history with status of each post, to see the information you need to click ‘Posts’ next to your subscription
- Service Peak times have been added, so you know when likes will arrive at the fastest times
- Announcements from GOSO have been added  

The new website is currently being built with a brand new design. We will release totally new services with the launch, so watch this space. We are going to continue improving our services regardless of any updates from Instagram. 

We hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for being a great customer