Friday Update regarding Instagram!

Its been a week since Instagram released a new update. The update was a major one and its taken us a week to figure out what was changed. Services were unstable, but we fixed the issues for now. I'm not going to lie and say its all 100% perfect as Instagram could release an update over the weekend. The past issue was only for Powerlikes and everything else was fine.

So feel free to post and fingers crossed that Instagram doesn't update over the weekend.

We feel bad for everything that has happened, so from next week we will be sending out a free trial with for all GOSO customers. Social Stars is a platform similar to ours but sell services for Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube. They have been very generous and offering a free service for a month. We will reveal more information soon.

Our developers are still monitoring Instagram and tweaking to ensure we don't run into any more issues.

Once again we want to say Thank you for being patient and hopefully we can share more good news next week.