Hello HyperComments 😊

Hey everyone, 

I hope this email reaches you all well. We are excited to introduce our new-and-improved HyperComments. This service consists of 2 sub-services called AI Comments and Custom Comments.

As stated in its name, AI Comments functions by using artificial intelligence. The system scans your photo, scrapes the hashtags you've used, and send relevant comments based on your posts. It's automatic and insanely accurate! For the moment it only comments in English and on English posts, however, we are working on developing other languages. Should you require another language, we would recommend Custom Comments, which will be available very soon. 

If you choose Custom Comments, you provide us with as many comments as you wish to use and our system will scramble them and distribute them randomly. 

The accounts we use for these HyperComments services are all:

  • Private
  • 10K + followers
  • Majority female
  • Worldwide
  • English speaking (AI Comments only)

All the accounts that comment will also like and save your post! This service is one of our favorites and we guarantee it will significantly increase your chances to reach the explore page and hashtags. As always, we recommend that you reply to all of your comments to fully optimize your engagement. 

That's all for this week, folks! Stay tuned next week for more surprises we'll be releasing.



Managing Director

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