Instagram Glitch Update Do not post!

Hope you had a great weekend, as you probably heard on Friday about the glitch update from Instagram. We hoped that they fixed the issue, but many users have still reported issues with posting. Images uploaded have chunks missing and captions too. Usually Instagram fix these issues quickly, however as its was detected on Friday the Instagram development team were probably enjoying their weekend.

As Instagram is unstable in parts of the world, I would strongly suggest not to post if you have an important or sponsored post. The glitch is causing problems with our servers.

We have had 100's of tickets to answer due to this, so if you are thinking of sending a ticket. We are waiting on Instagram to be more stable and then everything should run as normal. So please don't send a ticket regarding this.

I will send an update when things are fixed at Instagram's end. Please note that it is not GOSO's fault and down to Instagram releasing a buggy update.