Instagram Huge Update for the holiday period

The holiday season is at full swing and our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals have been a massive success. Unfortunately, Instagram has had problems over the thanksgiving period with instability issues. Thankfully they have fixed it and hopefully we won’t see anymore downtime.

The latest update in December is upon us and the likes counter will be removed globally by the end of the year. Fear now, our Powerlikes will still help your post go viral on the explore, location & hashtag pages, it only negative is that your users will not be able to see how many likes you have received. Studies have revealed that you will receive up to 30% less interaction with your posts after the likes counter has been removed. Luckily for us, we have released a new service for the latest updates which fixes this. Its called ‘Hyper Priming’ and it’s been a huge success.

We released Hyper Priming on Black Friday with a 25% recurring discount and we have seen a lot of customers purchase it. However, we have had a lot of support tickets asking to upgrade as a majority of you purchased the starter package to trial. They saw the results and wanted to upgrade to a higher package. Hyper Priming is working much better than expected and we have seen a huge spike in posts going viral on the explore, hashtag and location pages. This service encourages real organic likes & engagement.

As a lot of you purchased the starter to trial the service, we have extended the 25% discount coupon until Friday. So you can try the starter package and then decide to upgrade to the bigger packages with the same deal.


This coupon is now active until Friday 6th December for use on any Hyper Priming services. You can use this coupon as many times as you like. Please note the 50% discount for Powerviews will be disabled at 12 midnight tonight (Monday).

If you want to trial Hyper Priming to see how well it helps your posts, I would strongly test this 25% off deal (with recurring discount). After Friday it will be back at full price.

Head over to the GOSO website to grab this amazing offer.