Instagram Likes are back to normal

After more than a week of Instagram having issues with updates and downtime. We have fixed the speed of the Powerlikes orders arriving to your posts.

The GOSO development team has been working day and night to fix any issues.

However we have spotted another bug with Instagram. For a small amount of customers they see likes coming up on their feeds. But when they visit the post the likes don't increase. This only effects a small amount of customers, don't worry it's down to Instagram.

Instagram are making it super hard for service providers just like ourselves. We now have to put a lot more resources into supplying any of our growth services. Due to this expect a price increase very soon.

Don't worry if you are an existing customer, we will price fix you at the original purchased price. If you cancel any subscriptions, you will lose the original recurring price. So if you are thinking of ordering, get it before we increase all the prices of our services. We will NOT increase the price on any of the current active subscriptions. The price increase will be only for new orders.

Thanks again for being patient during this time.