Instagram Post-Priming Update and what is happening?

What is currently happening with the latest Instagram update from last Thursday? As you know the update attacked proxies, which temporarily paused a lot of our accounts. We have been manually updating 1000’s of our Instagram accounts to connect to our 4g proxies. It's taking a lot longer than expected and as a result of this, the likes will come in… but with some delays. 

The upside is that your post will still go viral, even if it's delayed. You can check your insights to prove it.

We are getting a lot of tickets from users who say that likes have to arrive within 20 minutes. This was true back in 2017, but this was stopped by Instagram with the December 2017 update. It was so easy for Instagram to detect and the made a stop to it, it was a shame as it guaranteed your post to go viral. After that, we had to adapt to every update to ensure that you still go viral.

This is why GOSO has survived this long. We always adapt and update with the times, unlike our competitors who are always putting their clients at risk. If you are allowing a company to use your password, you are going to risk losing your account. This is not the best thing to do for getting likes, views or saves. You can lose your account and get it banned.

GOSO does not copy what people are saying to do, the reason is these methods may work for the short term, but they easily get stopped by Instagram as everyone is following the same methods. We only listen to our own analytics data and see the statistics that work. We always tweak and improve every week. No one does what we do. We are unique and this is why we are growing as a company very quickly. 

We are now priming your posts before delivering the likes and this is working tremendously. I didn’t want to publically announce this, but it will put your mind at rest. We like to call it, post-priming and it's working really good. We will be adding it as a stand-alone add-on service in the future. All customers will receive the post-priming free of charge on all of our services at no extra cost. This is our way of saying sorry too for the minor issues we have faced lately. 

What is GOSO’s Post-Priming service?
For every post you make we do the following:

1. We send accounts to search for your Instagram name or visit your profile
2. Once the account is on your Instagram page, the accounts will click on your latest post
3. The account will view your post as any human being and then leave the post
4. Your post is now primed

After we have primed your photo, we will then start sending likes to your latest Instagram post organically and drip-fed. This will delay the likes arriving, but it tricks the algorithm and will increase the chances of your post going viral on explore or hashtags. The results we have seen are amazing and a lot of customers have reported that they hit the explore page. The speed of the likes will improve once all of our accounts have been moved to the 4G proxies. 

This ensures nothing looks fake from Instagrams side and ensures our system works. Let's face it, Instagram can see the like accounts for just visiting the post without searching or looking at your content. This is what everyone else in the industry is doing. This is part of the June 2019 update, which is killing off a lot of suppliers. 

GOSO’s Method
Search for the user > Look at the profile > Click the latest Post > Leave or Like

Everyone Else
Visit the post direct > Like

As you can see, the GOSO method looks organic and realistic. Check your insights data to see it working for you. It has taken over 6 months to develop this and it's amazing. 

Future services
We are currently building a system that will allow you to choose the niche of what accounts will like your posts. So if you run a fitness page, we will only send fitness and health Instagram accounts to like your posts. We are looking at location-based likes too & languages. This is still in development and we will keep you updated once it's live.

Thanks for your continual patience I hope you have a great day.