Instagram status - Be careful

What a week! lots of coffee & lots of fixes... however the weeks not over yet.

First of all I would I would like to show my appreciation during this hectic week. Not only are we fixing and tweaking daily, everyone in the industry has been hit. To a point that they have lost all of their customers. Right now we are one of the few that is taking everyday seriously and our number 1 goal is security.

On a serious note, we have had a lot of tickets from users who have been banned or blocked from following/liking on Instagram. If you have received the Instagram popup 'We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows', You need to stop automating your account with Telegram bots, Fuelgram, Jarvee or others. You are on Instagrams radar as they know you are using these services. Stop using them until they have fixed the issues, change your password and log out of all devices. We are hearing a lot of Instagrammers who have lost their Instagram accounts because of this. Any service that requires your password outside of GOSO will result in a chance of you getting banned. This is why GOSO powerlikes are 100% safe and we will never require your password to like spam, no one else is doing what we do.

Due to a surge in demand and lots of new signups. Our servers are struggling with the requests. This week we are moving to a enterprise class server hopefully this week and we will launch the GOSO order engine & control panel. This will increase likes and create stability.

All other services apart from powerlikes are running as usual. We are constantly improving the likes services daily. Its literally cat and mouse with Instagram right now.

You can start posting as usual, just keep in mind for Instagram peak times. This was an issue before the update and nothing has changed. Peak times are always slower for delivery.

Keep safe and remember to be smart with your Instagram account.