Instagram Update again... Do Not Post!

Instagram has released another update for the 4th week in a row. This time they are targeting proxy suppliers. As we have moved a large proportion of our accounts over to 4G, we still have a lot of accounts on the original proxies.

We would fully recommend to NOT to post right now. If the post is important or sponsored. You will receive likes, but there will be a delay. If it gets really delayed, we will trigger our emergency likes. We recommend not to post right now.

It looks like Instagram are releasing weekly updates and this will disrupt likes, views & saves services.

4G proxies are the future as they are not detectable by Instagram. However, they are very very expensive. We are manually adding 1000’s of 4G proxies to our accounts, which will take time. We are working as fast as we can to get this fully stable. This is our top priority and we will get this working in a few days. We have spent a lot of money on these proxies and its already showing great results.

If you are automating your Instagram accounts or your customers with datacentre or residential proxies (outside of GOSO). I would strongly advise you to switch this off for the next few days.

Its the 4th week in a row that Instagram has released updated. They have already destroyed a lot of suppliers and don’t worry. We will get through this Instagram update as always.

Thanks for understanding and I’ll keep you updated.