New Instagram Manual Scanner for detecting new posts

Last week Instagram issued another update that changed the way it works. One of the big changes was how we can detect your latest posts. Instagram changed some things to try and limit scanning of Instagram accounts. This resulting in our automatic system to fail sometimes in detecting your posts.

The way we detect your posts is to visit your profile every 5 minutes. However due to this Instagram update, it restricted us on the amount of time we can visit your profile. We have over 11,000+ accounts that we scan your posts every 5 minutes. We have added in extra proxies and had to slow down the scanning due to Instagram blocking access. We have made some fixes which fixes most of the problems, but we have developed a new feature to manually scan your account.

If you want to ensure that we detect your post quickly, you can login to the website and request a manual scan. This will ensure that your post is detected quickly and you receive your services much faster than the automatic method.

To request a manual scan when you have made a new post
Login > Dashboard > Click the new 'Scan' button next to your service

This is a temporary fix and we are already working on a new method to detect your posts. Once its live I'll let you know via email.

Thanks for being a loyal customer