New Instagram Stories Service & Algorithm Update

- New Instagram Stories Service
We have been hard at work building new Instagram Stories services for 3 months. Instagram stories are the future of Instagram to get rapid growth. After testing we are happy to announce that we will be releasing GOSO Story services very soon. However, we will be inviting customers to purchase new story services in limited batches. If you want to be on the list please add your details below.

You will receive an email when it’s ready to buy and we will be slowly releasing it to the public over time. Unfortunately, whenever we release a new server, it gets bottlenecked due to the volume of customers using the service. To ensure a smooth launch, it will be only available to a small chunk of users at a time.

- GOSO Instagram Growth
We have had some really good news regarding Instagram growth in 2020. Testing has been a big success and we will be launching the service to customers in batches soon. Add your details to the link below and we will email you when you can purchase.

- TikTok Growth Update
Our latest service for TikTok has been a huge success. We have 100’s of customers growing their accounts with our GOSO TikTok Growth service. We will be removing the 50% discount soon, so if you want a recurring discount for TikTok! Get it now.

- Last Weeks Algorithm Update
We have been hard at work looking into the data regarding last week’s update. We have improved the speed of the delivery of services compared to last week. However we noticed if we did too many actions too fast, it triggered an alert with Instagram with our internal testing Instagram accounts. We are looking around for ways to improve the speed of the services, but we like to stress that your posts will still go viral and will still have a big chance of hitting the explore page. It’s no longer about speed like in 2017. It’s about not getting detected by the algorithm and boosting your posts to receive more natural views on your posts. We will keep you updated regarding if the speed if it improves. But we are working day and night to improve the services.

We hope you had a great January and we cannot wait to release the new services in Q1.