New Instagram update again... Do not post!

Since last night Instagram has released yet another update. This time it's different from the others. It seems likely Instagram is now using some sort of A.I to detect likes. Which is going to hurt everybody who uses Instagram. If they don't like the person who randomly likes your post, they will automatically unlike a post. We are sending likes and then they are unliked within a few minutes. Expect influencers and businesses to see a massive decline in likes, comments and followers (with and without GOSO). But like every update, we will get through this. It's totally out of our hands. Instagram are getting to a point where people will leave their platform. This is going to be a big problem for Instagram in the long term.

It looks like we are going to have to work all weekend to solve this temporary issue.

Please do NOT post! The likes will not arrive right now and we are on American peak times. I'll update you as usual over the weekend on the situation. Please don't send tickets about likes not arriving as it will just slow us down from fixing the issue. Don't worry, we will fix this as usual.

I hope you have a good weekend and thanks for understanding.