New October Instagram Update has glitches

Its been a while since we have had issues with services, but late last night Instagram released a new update and its extremely glitchy. You may notice some of your posts have parts missing from the image or some pictures look just not right. Plus description text has been reported to be jumbled up. Not everyone has been hit with the glitch as Instagram roll out the updates to different locations around the world in stages.

Many of our customers have reported it and thank you for letting us know. We just want to let you know it has nothing to do with our services. Its all down to Instagram and hopefully they fix it soon.

As Instagram is unstable, some services may arrive later than usual and we can see some stability issues too. If you have a sponsored or super important post, we recommend to hold off until Instagram fixes these issues.

We will keep you updated as usual on anything Instagram related and we hope you have a great day.