New tweaks added today, new tip and new accounts added

Today we have been working on stability bugs that were reported by the 'Dynamic Engine'. We have squashed quite a few minor issues and working to make sure everything is running smoothly.

From 6pm to 8pm CET today, we had to migrate the a lot of new accounts which caused a minor issue. Plus some algorithm tweaks. Some customers didn't receive their services. We are happy to announce it is all back to normal.

One thing that we noticed regarding hashtags
Instagram scans your images and they know with AI who and what is on your photos. So if you posted a picture of yourself at a stadium. They will tag your photo internally as '1 person at a stadium', From our data. Instagram know a lot of about your pictures. If you are at a beach, mountain, park, etc. They even count how many people are in the photo too. Oddly they detect pets, text, weapons, items and even nudity.

So if you are posting a picture of your pet dog and you add in the hashtag #cat. They know you are not being true about the photo. What we found is that if you put too many hashtags that are not relevant to the picture, it will damage your chances of going viral. Be careful of your chosen hashtags and use hashtags that are part of your photo.

Don't add photos that contain partial nudity, blood, weapons, violence and even text. Instagram doesn't like it and they will lower your chances of hitting the explore page.

Once we have found more data, we will release it to all of our customers.

The algorithm tweaks that we have done today, will help your post go viral. Check your post insights and see for yourself (from posts after 8pm CET).

The developers will be adding more accounts tomorrow to expand the network even more.

Things are looking up and we are still on top of the game.

Thanks for reading.