New Weekend Update from Instagram with service disruptions

Its the end of the week and Instagram has issued an update worldwide. As it usually takes 24 hours to fully upgrade around the globe, some of our services will not be able to detect posts and supply services. Its been a while since Instagram updated and it happened only a few hours ago and we have already detected it.

We are working around the clock to update our service engine to work along side the update. Its not a serious update, Instagram has just made some internal changes.

Please do NOT to post on Instagram, if its important or sponsored. We will NOT be able to supply the service until we have updated our system. We are working around the clock and estimate 24 hours until it is fixed. This is a pretty minor update, so I don't think it will impact for long.

Please do NOT contact support about the issue, we already know and it will just slow down the process of fixing the issue. If you have NOT received services after 24 hours, please contact support and we will assist. Please do NOT contact if its below 24 hours.

Don't worry as Instagram updates their system every few months, its perfectly normal as we need to adjust our system.