Price increase delayed until Monday

Happy Saturday, we are on day 8 of the massive updates from Instagram. We are still here and the new engine is in full swing. Services have stabilized and improved drastically.

We were about to add the new prices yesterday, but we found a bug in the registration page which stopped new customers from creating accounts. We had an overwhelming response as new customers were panicking.

Due to this, we are not going to increase the prices until Monday. Prices are going to increase by 50%. Existing customers will not be charged extra and be price locked at the original price.

Right now we are the only company in the world that has got through the update. Literally every other service outside of GOSO has been hit hard. So much that our competition is reselling our services to stay alive or gone out of business. New registrations and orders have increased so much, that we broke our record yesterday.

We are still working on more stability and quality of services. We haven't relaxed just yet. I'm guessing a new update from Instagram is imminent. But enjoy the services whilst its stable.

We hope you have a great weekend.