Saturday update! Big improvements and fixes

It's Saturday and the development team has been working overnight. We have figured out the latest algorithm update and now the likes are sticking. The AI that was used by Instagram was hard on us, but we figured it out.

It seems like Instagram is now releasing weekly updates, which is continuously causing issues every weekend. I can understand now why literally every other like supplier cannot keep up with the updates. As we are now the only company in the industry that are supply likes. We are taking the weekly updates seriously and as of now we are employing extra developers to work weekends. We have grown 80% as a business since the updates happened 6 weeks ago. Our old competitors are now reselling GOSO services to stay alive. This has been a good thing as now we are all working together. Instead of trying to out smart each other.

It's 3pm in Spain and the likes are arriving. But the trend for us to keep the likes working with the new AI, we have to deliver the likes slow and steady. When we deliver fast, it triggers Instagram to remove the likes. The only good thing is that now the likes are working and looking more organic as ever.

Old methods are a thing of the past, so don't expect likes to arrive quickly. It simply won't work. We will be doing an explanation video soon about old methods Vs new. The whole powerlikes industry has been reset and right now, we are the only ones who is taking this seriously.

Likes will work and you will still go viral. Just expect a slower drip time for likes to arrive naturally. Remember at peak times it will be even slower. So try to avoid posting when Instagram is at its busiest. You can login to the dashboard to view daily updated park times.

We are still building a newer system that will solve a lot more issues and we will be beta testing it at the end of the month. You will be able to choose your niche, language and location for the likes. Early tests is doing great and has not been affected by the weekly updates. This will be a game changer.

GOSO will be implementing a global block list at the the end of the month. Due to some users trying to cause problems online with GOSO. Trying to sabotage our name and cause distributions. These individuals will be on a global blacklist, no matter what supplier they use in the future. They will not be able to use any of our services for life and this applies to their customers too, who are out to cause problems. We have a solid community and lucky to have amazing customers who understand the issues caused by Instagram. We encourage positivity and we will all florish. The rate we are growing is amazing and we are always investing in making GOSO better than ever.

Thanks again for understanding and being a loyal customer. Big rewards are coming your way.