Sunday Night Update! We are back but...

Another weekend has been ruined since the updates from Instagram. The AI is getting more and more intelligent by the looks of things. Part of our tests have shown that actions are now randomizing. For example, one like account could like 200 actions in an hour, the next hour it could be limited to 5 actions. Which is what was confusing us as we had fixed actions per account. So we have to randomize our actions by the hour, which in results in slow, steady and organic looking likes.

However, we are now back and likes will still arrive but very slowly. This seems to be the future of Instagram is slow and not rushed. Its no longer about how fast you receive the likes. Its about how organic and realistic they arrive. I've been looking at big influencer accounts on Instagram and have studied the interactions. The likes don't come in fast, they are liked up to 24 hours and they stick more on the explore page.

The GOSO post priming service is still working flawlessly and is really helping users hit the explore page and hashtags. Mixing these with the likes is what is making GOSO powerlikes work. But, due to the limits of the actions. We have added emergency accounts to the network to increase the speed. These accounts can be new and we found that as long as it appears organic, it will NOT impact your posts from going viral. Don't panic, check your post insights and you will see that you will still go viral. They won't damage your account as I can assure you the last thing we would do is damage our customers accounts. This would be suicide for us if it was the case.

Everything you knew about Instagram and Powerlikes before June is now out-of-date. The golden days is now over. The new era of Instagram likes is here, love it or hate it. Its here to stay and its out of our hands. All GOSO can do is view its statistics and data and work upon facts. We have close to 9000 customers using our likes services and growing daily. Its clearly working as customers are sharing their statistics to us.

Remember it has to be a super slow drip for the system to work. Which can take hours, but it will stick longer on the explore page. Remember, that 90% of suppliers have dropped off and now hiding in caves. Which means a higher chance for your posts to go viral with less competition on posting with Powerlikes.

Our system is fully randomized right now, so 80% of our accounts are normal likes and 20% are emergency. So every drip is totally different from the others and every post will be different. Once we add more accounts, we will weed out the emergency likes. We will be explaining with YouTube videos on our channel once we find out more information. This will be pointless right now as every week it changes from Instagram.

We are still working on the new GOSO network update, which will totally stop most issues and allow you to chose the language, location and niche for likes. This is going to be an exciting time for Instagram growth.

Stranger things is happening with Instagram and the future of likes is here. We are just the first to discover and share the data with the world. Instead of keeping it as a company secret, we believe you should know.

Once we have found out more information I'll let you know. Thanks for being patient again about this.