Sunday Update! Improved speed and algorithm change

Since Friday we have been working day and night to improve the speed of the likes caused by a big Instagram update. We have made progress and as of right now the speed of the likes has improved. It's not perfect but we are making progress.

If you didn't receive likes in the last 2 days, we recommend to delete the post and repost it. Please do not send a ticket to top up the likes as it will just slow us down from fixing the issue. This only affected a small amount of customers due to posting at peak time during the Instagram update.

We are still tweaking settings for the latest algorithm update, we have found something interesting. Data is showing that a slow and realistic looking like arrival is helping towards going viral. We want to do more tests before we release the update.

However things are looking good right now and now it seems that Instagram are releasing weekly updates to try and stop us.

I'll update you soon regarding any more news.