Sunday updates and another Instagram update

It's Sunday Funday and we are still working. It turns out that Instagram did release another update over the weekend. 30% of our accounts were affected, but the rest were fine. The 30% of accounts has no 4G proxies assigned to them, we will be adding these to 4G this week. So you may have experienced a post with slightly less likes. Don't worry, we have now temporarily removed the affected accounts from supplying likes. We noticed a little issue with saves too, this has been fixed.

Any post from now should arrive with no issues and go viral. All services are running and the post-priming is working flawlessly. Check your Instagram post statistics and see for yourself. 

On a positive, it shows that 70% of 4G Instagram accounts were not detected by Instagram. So we are finally seeing the hard work pay off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again.