The future of Instagram and the new standard for likes

As you are aware Instagram released an update earlier this week, we manage to handle it very quickly. Due to the aggressive updates, we are fully prepared for anything they throw at us. As the new AI from Instagram was changed again, we had to slow down the delivery of likes. 

The new standard for likes
What we have learned over the last 10 weeks of updates, is that speed is the deciding factor on how to go viral. If we deliver likes too fast, they get detected and removed. We have to fully limit the speeds and randomize literally everything. Resulting in likes arriving within 24 hours in some cases. Old methods of quick likes is a thing of the past and will not help you go viral. However, we read data from arrival times and can tweak our settings based on how the AI works. Its trail and error and with time we can improve the speeds, but whenever Instagram releases an update. We have to reset speeds to counteract detection. 

Please note that even slower likes for arrival will occur within peak times, so we fully advise not to post when Instagram is at its busiest. You can view the peak times when you login and visit your dashboard. 

Our post priming is working better than ever and we have worked on more upgrades to boost your chances of going viral.

The future of Instagram
Instagram has made it clear that they want to remove likes from their system. Which in my opinion is a huge mistake! They are linking likes to depression and want to hide likes to the public. So pretty much soon you will not see how many likes a user has per post. This will open a huge problem with fake influencers who buy followers and lie about their reach. Instagram doesn’t really like Influencers because whenever they get a sponsored post, they don’t make any money from it. Don’t worry as likes will still work and will make your post go viral on the explore pages and more. Your followers will not see your likes and thats it. This update will be rolled out soon by Instagram and expect a big uproar from the community when this happens. 

The move to stories plays a big part in this. Facebook wants to merge Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into one super platform. It will change communication worldwide and dominate for years to come. However, the future for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is stories. This is the next big thing from the social media giants. The good news is that we are already working on services for stories and will be beta testing soon. 

We are reaching 10,000 customers at GOSO and we are expanding very quickly. We expect a move to a bigger office in Q4 and we will be hiring more staff.

- Junior Full Stack Developer
We are looking for a specialist who has some experience with PHP, Laravel, JS, Unit Testing & Server Management. We will help with training and growing your skills.

- Junior AI & Algorithm Specialist
We are looking for a machine learning specialist to help improve our network and learn from algorithm updates. You will be working alongside the development team and our AI specialist. 

- Customer Support Personal x4
We are hiring multiple customer support staff to help with the demand for all of our services. 

If you are interested in working for GOSO, we require that you are legal to work in Europe (Spain) and have a national ID/NIE & social security. Send your resume via support if you want to apply for the positions available. 

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P.S Our developers spotted a bug with Credit Card payments and now you can pay via credit card.