The Storm has passed & everything has been updated

Our latest update with the new system is in full swing. So far so good and we can see a massive improvement in stability. But our update came in after another Instagram update, which caused some issues.

We fixed bugs overnight and we noticed a bug with registration, this is now fixed and fully operational. Likes, views & saves are overall stable and we have a reorder system in place for failed orders.

Now that we are on the new stable system, feel free to post and receive your service.

Regarding the price increase
We have had to fully rework the servers, purchase more services, 4g proxies & upgrade everything. This has added a massive monthly charge to our system to make it stable. With the current prices, we are losing money. If we don’t increase the prices, we will be out of business. So later today, we will be increasing all prices up to 50% more. This is out of our hands, but due to pressure from Instagram. We have no choice to bring our system to work with the latest algorithm.

Our competition has fallen flat and lots of other businesses have gone out of business. This update is one of the biggest we have ever seen from Instagram, it seems that we are one of the few companies working on fixes on a daily basis. We literally the only company in the world right now that can deliver powerlikes at our scale.

If you want to keep with the existing price before we add the new services. Order asap as very soon the new packages will be live. If you have cancelled the services, you will NOT receive the same discount. New orders will be fixed for the new increased price. Existing customers will be price fixed at the original price.

I still cannot believe that Instagram started this attack exactly a week ago, it has been one of the hardest weeks ever, with us working day and night to solve.

We appreciate you as a customer and we are ready to release new tools and services soon.

Have a great weekend.

The GOSO team