Thursday Instagram Update! Temporary Slower likes

Its Thursday evening and Instagram released a small update in the early hours of this morning. Its caused a few instabilities which has resulted in slower likes. We have noticed that whenever Instagram updates, we have to limit our settings and figure out daily limits. It has been like this for the past few weeks and usually after a week, we increase the settings to deliver the likes quicker.

So if you have an important or sponsored post, I would hold off until we have fully figured out the extent of the issue. You will receive the likes, but they will arrive slower than usual. Don't worry, they will arrive.

Please don't send a ticket if your likes have not fully arrived unless its over 24 hours. It will just slow us down from fixing the issue.

We have noticed that some customers who have 10k or more likes per post is having minor issues. Due to the update, we have to now slowly drip the likes from 24 hours to 48 hours. As we were delivering the likes too quickly and we need to ensure they arrive naturally.

I'll update you soon if we have any news.

P.S On a happy note, we have hired more staff and also moved to a much bigger office in the center of Barcelona.