Tuesday night update! Everything is looking good

Since the Instagram updates that hit the Instagram industry hard last weekend, we have finally cracked it! Services are running great, likes are sticking and the post-priming is running smoothly. We have been tweaking our settings daily to try and speed up the likes. We have succeeded and likes are coming in perfectly and helping customers go viral.

I just want to confirm that it's perfectly normal for likes to arrive slowly and organically. This is what is avoiding the detection of the likes and also allowing them to stick. The faster we deliver likes, the chances of going viral weakens. 

Fast likes = Detected by Instagram & you will not go viral
Slow likes = Not detected by Instagram and you have a bigger chance of going viral

We still have a few customers who want their likes to appear within 10 minutes or less than 1 hour. These days are over and the June Instagram Algorithm update put a stop to this. The future of Instagram growth in slow and organic to succeed. Everything that you have learn’t before is pointless and will not help you go viral.

GOSO has been receiving a lot of praise recently with customers sending their statistics of posts and being extremely happy with hitting the explore page or hashtags. See for yourself by viewing your post insights.

Right now we are the only operating independent company that is supplying likes to the world. Other companies are reselling our services to stay in the business. If you are looking to resell our services, we offer discounts and please send a support ticket. 

Don’t worry, we are always updating our system daily to stop detections from Instagram.

We hope you have a great week ahead & fingers crossed no more updates from Instagram happens for a while.