Tuesday night update on Instagram and big changes

As you know that Instagram did another big update on Monday, it crippled us for part of the night!

We have some good news and bad news...

The bad news
When we migrated all of our accounts to a dedicated 4G supplier, we had to move 10,000’s of accounts over the last 2 weeks. We still have more accounts to add, however we hit a brick wall. The brick wall was called ‘bandwidth’ and it's very expensive. After a few weeks of moving over, we used up our allocated bandwidth and was charged extra by the supplier. We are doing a lot of actions such as the post-priming and making things seem more organic. The accounts are using up so much bandwidth, that we have had no choice to spend over $10,000 per month with the 4G proxy company. This is set to double due to the influx of new customers joining our system. Due to this, we have had no choice to increase the prices to accommodate the cost price of running reliable Instagram services.

The good news
We are happy to say we are still providing likes, views and saves and the speed is improving. They are still slow but you will still go viral. We are working day and night to improve our services and we think things should be running back to normal in a few days. I’m crossing my fingers that Instagram doesn’t release another update over the weekend.

Price promise
As you know when we increase prices, it's out of our hands. We hate to increase the monthly cost as it limits our future customers. The cost of running growth services has increased tremendously since the Instagram updates from last month. With any update, we will price-lock you in at the original price you paid. You will NOT be charged extra and will remain with the current price until you cancel the subscription. If you cancel the subscription, you will lose the original price agreement. So if you are one of our old customers with an active subscription, you are saving so much money right now. So much it's costing the company to manage your account. But we don’t care as we love our long lasting customers.

The old methods you know about Instagram no longer work
I’d like you to take what you know about Instagram growth and throw it out of the window. Everything has changed since the June update. So much that we are practically the only company right now still alive after the updates. Forget about big accounts liking your posts (they are scared of losing their accounts), forget about likes coming in fast and welcome to the future of organic and realistic delivery of likes. The post-priming has been a massive success and this is one of the reasons we are helping 1000’s of Instagram accounts go viral.

Our competitors
Our competitors have moved to our platform to resell to their existing clients. We are now working as a family as we are all in this together. If you want to resell our services to your clients under your brand. Send us a ticket and let's talk, as we will give generous bulk discounts. GOSO is practically supplying 90% of the internets powerlikes, views and saves that doesn’t require a password. Things are looking great and expect some big announcements soon. As we are an open platform, we are creating opportunities in the industry to fight against Instagrams updates. 

We will be releasing GOSO tutorial videos once the updates from Instagram has finished or slowed down. You will be shocked to learn what works and what doesn't with Instagram.

Thank You again for being a loyal customer and hopefully, we will have some good news soon.

P.S Have a look at the new Powerlikes page on GOSO