Tuesday Update! More Instagram Algorithm Changes

Tuesdays here and we have some updates on the current situation. Instagram has tweaked its algorithm last night which triggers how accounts interact. Plus they added more filters to their proxy detection system. Our 4G network is untouched, but the way we interact with the accounts was limited. They are restricting the number of likes per account per day. This has caused a bottleneck in our services and whilst we can still deliver likes, they will arrive slowly. We have found that it will take around 2 hours to arrive. Don’t worry, you can still go viral with posts older than 2 hours.

SMM Panels and other companies like us are failing as they cannot handle the update thrown by Instagram. Our competition is failing as they don’t know what to do. It's going to take a long time for them to recover from this. 

Instagram is winning! What does this mean to you the customer?

Absolutely nothing, we are fighting every update they throw at us and yes we will be unstable for a few days, but we will always be working around the clock to make things right. We appreciate how frustrating this can be for you the customer, but we are always working to ensure our services are one step ahead of everyone else. 

I think I can clearly say that the old Instagram growth methods have finally ended. We are now in a new era on how we can grow on Instagram. Forget what video tutorials for Instagrammers have told you to do, this is old news and no longer work after the new updates. The golden age of Instagram is now behind us. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d like to share the facts that we don’t follow the usual trends that everyone tells you to do. The same people are now sitting with angry customers whilst they scratch their head. The once kings of Instagram services have lost most of their customers in a matter of weeks. This is so serious that lives have been impacted due to Instagram. GOSO is totally different and doesn’t follow what everyone is doing, this is why we are still here and growing tremendously daily. We are still making our client's posts go viral.

We have our inbuild software that no one else has access too apart from GOSO. It's taken us close to 2 years to develop, evolve and we saw this mega update coming. GOSO relies on actual statistic and analytics data that we collect with our services. This is how we can still help your posts go viral, even after the mess of what Instagram has delt upon us. If a growth Influencer tells the world to use his or her methods, we try them and we usually find that it doesn’t do a thing. 

So the status right now is clear, likes will come in slowly (but we are working on speeding them up), you will still go viral with our post-priming service. Which so far has not been detected by Instagram (nor I think it will ever). If you are posting a sponsored or important post and want likes to come in quickly, I would NOT post right now. Don’t worry if they arrive late, you will still go viral. Don’t believe us, check your insights data. This is why we are still in business. 

Views & Saves work, as usual, these view services were not impacted by the updates and they are helping video posts hit the explore/hashtag page more than ever. With our saves service, we had a little issue over the weekend which was caused by an internal bug and not Instagram. This has been fixed and everything should be working as normal.

We will be beta testing our new service hopefully by the end of the month. This will be where you can choose the region, niche and much more. Once we are ready for beta testing, we will message customers who have active services to trial them.

Exciting times are ahead and you will see a big improvement coming soon.

Thanks again for understanding and hopefully we will have some better news soon.