Weekend update from Instagram with slower than usual services

Over the weekend we found that Instagram rolled out another update. Whenever a big update is released, we can see instabilities in some of our services. We have to slow down the arrival times on some services, to counter the update. Once we get enough data, we can work on combatting and updating the system for the fresh update.

This is 100% normal as Instagram releases new updates to keep their platform fresh. We welcome new updates from Instagram, but for a few days, our services can be slightly slower than usual. Don’t worry, we are working around the clock to fix this speed issue.

If you are expecting a fast service that worked with the old Instagram algorithm. We suggest not to post with sponsored or important content until the fixes have been updated. To be clear, GOSO services are working. It’s just taking longer to receive some of the services.

Long-time GOSO customers are used to Instagram frequent updates and know 100% we always fix the issues fast. So don’t panic and we have everything under control. This is why we are still the market leader on Instagram growth & we are not going anywhere.

Once we have enough data from the latest Instagram update, we will update you with the good news.

HyperLikes was supposed to be released very soon, which we have amazing results from. We have to wait to see the outcome of the update and then we will be releasing this industry-changing service.

P.S Instagram Growth 2020 has had a lot of interest and we could be releasing it at the end of the month. If you want to be on the waiting list, add your details below.