Limited Support over the Easter holidays

Spring is here and from this message until Tuesday 6th April. A majority of our staff will be recharging their batteries, so there will be limited support & sales during the holidays.

So don't worry if you send a ticket, we will reply (just give us time). If you have any issues regarding services or posts not being picked up. Please login to GOSO and check the dashboard. You can manually scrape your post or add your latest post. We are working on the final kinks for stability issues which is affecting a small percentage of our clients.

We will be revealing something big in the coming weeks & we hope you have a great easter break. 

Stay safe!

The GOSO team

Stability Improvements

We have some great news!

The development team has pushed some critical changes to the post detection servers today. Our support teams had notified that some posts are not getting detected at all from a small amount of our customers.

The fix introduced more servers to double check on posts. This should improve the overall detection of your posts.

Please ensure that your account is not set to private, restricted to certain countries or age restricted. We will not be able to detect your posts if you have set any of the above.

We hope you have a great day



Hey everyone, 

We know it’s a bit late yeah, but we had a few offers in mind and we thought you wouldn’t mind receiving a little discount, yes? After all, don’t we all love sales??

Check out what we have to offer:



You snooze, you lose! The discount expires on 25th of January at 12am CET!

Don’t know which code you like the most?
Get in touch with our sales team and we’ll help you choose!





Managing Director

Limited Support During the holidays

Limited Support from 18th December until 9th January 2021.

It's that time of the year again and it's time to celebrate the holidays. 90% of our staff are now on their holiday break and spending time with their loved ones. As with every year, we just want to reassure that we are still working over the holiday period, however with some limitations. 

- Support
The support team is now limited, so if you have any questions. Expect some delays, but please remember you are important to us. We will answer any questions as quickly as possible. Please don’t freak out if you don’t receive a response immediately if you are having issues, we will assist and compensate for lost time due to limited support staff. 

- Fixes & Stability
Instagram can release updates at any time and the development team is working as and when it's necessary. If Instagram releases an update, we will be doing everything we can to fix and update. We can see that Instagram have released another update regarding some customers not detecting posts. However, we are working closely with the proxy company to resolve. If you are concerned about your post not being detected, please log in to the dashboard and add your Instagram post manually. This will ensure the services will come in as usual.

The management will be checking in daily to ensure that things are working and assisting on tickets. The rest of the team will be back on the 8th January 2021.

We wish you all the best and please enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Most of all please stay safe.

From all of us at GOSO ‘Happy Holidays’

‼️Payment Method Updated: Please Read‼️

Hey everyone, 

We hope that you have been enjoying your GOSO services!
Currently, we’re going through some upgrades to our dashboard and payment system. This is done to make sure that we can offer the best services as possible. Before we used two different payment methods: FastSpring and PayPal. Now, we are merging them. If you would like to continue paying through PayPal, you still can! When you select FastSpring, you will have two options. You will be able to either directly enter your card details or choose to go through PayPal.

We’ve noticed that your PayPal payment is due soon. To continue with our services please cancel your package and repurchase. Your current subscription will no longer be active until you do so.

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your PayPal account
2. Click Settings near the top of the page
3. Click Payments
4. Click Manage pre-approved payments
5. Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions

To make it easier for you, we have made a new payment link for your current package. Contact us and we will send the link to you ASAP.


You will also find that there have been changes to the dashboard. Since the US elections caused all social media platforms to add more restrictions, some posts have been having a hard time getting detected. So we created a new feature that we are confident will fix any issues you may have experienced in the past of posts not getting detected. If you go to your GOSO dashboard you will find a text box indicated 'Content URL' in which you may paste your post's link and then click the blue check button on the right (see image below). To ensure that it works well, it’s better to copy your link from a desktop or laptop rather than a phone. 

Here is an example of how the link should look:

After clicking 'ok' you should see your 'daily posts' go up by one. Clicking the 'Posts' button will only show you which post has been detected; this is just for your reassurance.

And you're done! 

We hope this clears up any confusions. If you have any questions about these updates or are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to send us a support ticket.  





Managing Director

Dashboard Update

Black Friday Sale! 🛍 💰

Hey everyone, 

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! What a time to boost those Thanksgiving posts. We want to remind you of our Black Friday 40% off discount on AI Comments, and that the deal lasts until the end of the month!

If you haven't had a chance to try out AIComments, now is your chance! This service works remarkably well, if we do say so ourselves. Our AI is capable of determining what your post is about, the patterns in your behavior on Instagram, and the relationship you have with your audience. It doesn't just give generic comments; these are the real deal! Check out our sample below. Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY40%OFF.

We also want to remind you that we recently released new services for Instagram Reels and IGTV; they are available for purchase but we ask you to please contact us first in order to determine what package best for your account. 

Thank you all for your support and cooperation, as always, we want to see you happy. So send us a support ticket with any feedback or concerns and we will look into it.



Managing Director

Instagram Detection Fixed

After a stressful few hours, we are back and live. We have invested more money into powerful proxies that have a higher chance of not causing issues. As of writing this, you are safe to post and receive Instagram services as usual.

Thank you for your patience, and we will be building in the manual post function very soon. This is a safety precaution to ensure if it happens again, you can manually submit your post link and receive your services.

Happy Thanksgiving! And apologies for the slight downtime today.

Instagram Detection Issues

Today we are having similar issues with detecting posts on Instagram. We have spoken to our proxy suppliers and can see that certain blocks have been made with the proxies. It looks like an update from Instagram to stop proxy suppliers finding your latest post is the problem. I've spoken with other companies that do similar services, and they have all reported the same issue.

We are waiting on a response from our proxy supplier, but generally when Instagram pushes an update like this, we have to find a solution fast. 

The development team is working on an emergency fix to manually add your Instagram posts. What this means is that whenever you make a new post, you will need to supply the post details on your GOSO dashboard. Don't worry, as it will be super easy to use and will ensure receive your services. All you will have to do is visit your post on the app or website and copy the link to the post.

This will be a temporary measure until the proxy situation has been fixed. 

I will let you know when we have added the manual post feature. We estimate it to be available very soon.

Please do post if you have any sponsored or paid posts. You will not receive services on Instagram.

GOSO Dev Team

Instagram Post Detection Fixed

We have checked our system and also Instagram. There were no updates or flaws, however we found that our proxy supplier had issues at their end. They quickly resolved the problems and its safe to say we are back to normal.

You are safe to post your content on Instagram.

GOSO Dev Team

Problem Detecting Instagram Posts with some customers

We have had some tickets regarding posts not getting detected today with Instagram. 

Please do not publish any promoted or sponsored posts until we have solved this error.

It could be an Instagram update. We are looking into the issue and will report back as soon as we have any news.

GOSO Dev Team

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